The Assassination of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by the Coward Nickelodeon Studios



The anticipation was mounting for the arrival of the newest incarnation of the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ever since Nickelodeon announced the cancellation of the 2010 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, that IMO was the best version of the turtles there has been; there has been a question about how will the show be rebooted. Late in 2017 Nickelodeon announced the arrival of the newest show. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


At first only the cast was announced along with a few tidbits of information such as April will be on screen and voiced by an African American, Raph would now be the oldest and the leader, and that it would be a 2D cartoon similar to Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans cartoon. As the weeks went by there was no news at all about the new show, nothing. No leaks, no spoilers, it seemed as if maybe Nickelodeon had given up. But February 1st, 2018 the TMNT Fandom was hit with the images of the new show, and the fans were stunned.

Character bios showed up and gave us glimpses into our once proud and amazing characters. Raph no longer wields 2 Sai, Mikey no longer has a pair of famous nunchuks, and Raph switched places with Leo as the leader. A couple of positives are that all 4 are different species of turtles which is pretty awesome. We clearly don’t have any information on villains, lair, vehicles, Casey Jones, channel or timeslot. So we will have to wait to see how far this goes, but as of right now I am really on the fence. I will give the show the appropriate 3 episode minimum to hook me, or if the toyline is awesome. I guess we will wait and see.


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Review 8/10 (mild spoilers)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

     The movie starts out with a terrible Sin City-esque type of moving comic book pages story telling that really feels out of place at the beginning of the movie as Splinter narrates. This is really my only gripe about this movie, that if you asked me  months ago I would have told you I wasn’t even going to give this movie a chance.

     Aside from a few canonical changes this movie was absolutely fantastic. It had everything from action to comedy (and a lot of it). The development of the Turtles was a unique twist on their origin being slightly altered from the comics but you will expect that from a major motion picture. The different take on Splinter and Shredder was more in line with the movies from the 1990’s than the comics so that wasn’t anything really new. The Shredder armor was not as terrible as the Toy makes it out to be, quite awesome actually. Vern and April were off and on ultimately serving a purpose.

     We are introduced to Vern and April at first and both of the characters seem a bit clumpy but as the movie goes on they both really hit their stride. Vern played by Will Arnett trips over some dialogue at the beginning of the movie when we are first introduced to him, but it works itself out as the movie wears on and he ends up being quite and endearing character.

     We are introduced to Karai who has a very shallow character development. In fact we see her throughout the movie as a henchman but never introduced in any other way or mentioned by anyone in particular. I was disappointed in that because I enjoy that character in the comics and cartoon but I understand what this movie was meant to do. There is always room in the sequel.

     Eric Sachs played by William Fichnter is introduced as the head of a company similar to TCRI in the comics and cartoon and is the normal character that is portraying a protagonist hiding an antagonist within. Its a little stale but that is kind of how Fichtner plays his characters. There is a nice reveal that the original spoilers and rumors of this movie were false and that was a wonderful surprise. I was however waiting for this movie to Iron Man 3 me, so I was worried most of the movie it would let me down, but it didn’t!

     The Shredder Armor was pretty damn cool, and a great take on the armor itself. The Foot Clan’s back story was a great one with ties to ancient Japan. But the current Foot Clan was terribly represented and kind of boring henchmen types. Sachs tells April a story about the origin of the Mutagen and the Shredder in ancient Japan that builds respect for this installment of the mythology; that if you take this movie stand alone and any sequels it is a good story.

     Splinter and the Turtles have a pretty good flashback montage where it goes through the development from baby turtles and little splinter to adolescent turtles and then into teenagers. This is reminiscent of the 1990’s TMNT movie where Splinter narrates their origin in that one as well. It is very similar to that in the first movie too. An aspect of how they came to be and their owner was a smidgen off putting but again if you can take this movie and anything after as stand alone then its a good fresh twist.

     Each turtle brought a different weight to the movie, and the director didn’t stray from tradition. Donnie was super smart, Mikey was a space cadet, Leo was the leader that Raph always second guessed until the end when he learned a lesson. Pretty much every version of the turtles ever. I didn’t hate what they were wearing, again I think that they were poorly portrayed by the toys that came out prior to the movie and then the online backlash that included myself that chose to judge before seeing the movie. I was wrong and I admit it.

     This movie was highly marketed to kids by Nickelodeon and even though there was no sex or foul language there was a lot of violence and there were a lot of kids crying becuase they snuck a jumpy moment into this movie. Over all I will give this movie an 8 out of 10 because there was so much action that was fantastic to watch. There was so much comedy, Mikey stole the show. Meagan Fox wasn’t as terrible as she normally is, and there is an Arrested Development Easter Egg in this movie and that is worth seeing! I highly recommend seeing this movie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles = 8/10

Hot Toys: SDCC Toy Announcements

We have had already some big announcements from Mattel, HASBRO, and Playmates. There were more but these are the 3 I care about so that is what I care to listen to. The last half of 2014 and 1st half of 2015 will be a real wallet-draining time period for me, but I am alright with it based on what I have seen so far.

Mattel and the WWE have teamed up for some amazing toys and the newest WWE cast member Sting joined Hulk Hogan and Daniel Bryan at the SDCC panel to announce their toyline. It looks like we’re going to be getting some new Ultimate Warrior Figures as well. Here are some pictures from SDCC courtesy of


Hasbro announced another Spider-Man Marvel Legends wave featuring some unique figures. I guess because of movie licensing issue we may never see a Fantastic Four Wave. But they did redeem their (in my eyes) failing 3.75″ line by giving us a Jim Lee Beast, Sandman, and Bishop. They are also putting out a great 2 waves of 6″ Legends figures such as Odin, Captain Marvel, White Iron Fist, and so many more to count. Here is a video from and some pics.


Finally my favorite announcements came from Playmates at SDCC reguarding TMNT and all things Turtle!

Mutation TMNT Figures

– 9 Figures that you can swap parts between them (similar to HASBRO’s Marvel Supe Hero Mashers)

Role Playing TMNT

– Casey Mask w/ Bat

– More TMNT Masks with eye changing colors


– Casey Jone’s Zamboni w/ a new Casey Figure

– Hovercraft w/ Raph

– T-Rocket

– TMNT BLIMP!!!!!!

– Pizza Thrower with 2 seats!!! for Nick Toy Line

-Pizza Thrower for the Classics wave!

– Transforming Vehicles like a 3 wheeler and Motobike that turn into Hovercrafts


– 6″ Shredder and Kraang

– Tiger Claw

– Robo Foot

– Mikey as Turflytle

– Fly Baxter

– Serpent Karai

– Bebop and Rocksteady!!!!!! for the Cartoon Line!!!!!!

– 4 New Mystic Ninja Turtles

– Classic Comic Book Figures for the Cartoon Line

– Monkey Brains


Throwback Thursday: Barnyard Commandos

So many good toys came from the 80’s and 90’s. SO MANY, driving down memory lane on this TBT. Barnyard Commandos was a cartoon and set of toys by Playmates that came out in 1989. Let me tell you, these were my 2nd favorite toys back then. Everywhere my GI Joes went with me for at least 2 years my Barnyard Commandos went too.

porks_s1_thum rams_s1_thum

     Barnyard Commandos was a toy line from 1989 that pitted the RAMS (Rebel Army of Military Sheep) v. the PORKS (Platoon of Rebel Killer Swine). There were 2 series that came out with 16 figures that each came with a body weapon and 1 series of vehicles. There was a 13 episode cartoon that came out after the series 1 figures came out and 4 VHS movies that collected the 13 episodes came out as well.

porks_s1_web 7940185030_2dddec1001_z

     The amount of fun that these toys brought was amazing and I recently found a bunch of my old figures, but not all. I fear that a lot of them never made the 25 year journey in life. Nothing says AMERICA like toys that are based on radio active animals, its kinda like the foundation of our country. I think it is the inalienable rights that they were talking about.


Throwback Thursday: TMNT Pizza Power Board Game

Man do I remember playing this game for hours on end. It was something that my mom, dad, and sister could all play with together as a family. Seriously this is a big part of my childhood. Recently on facebook someone posted that they had found one complete and bought it. I will admit I was jelous and then spent the follwing time on eBay trying to find one complete and cheap. Let’s just say that is mutually exclusive for this game. I am having a hard time finding it, but I will find it and I will play the crap out of it with my family and the Nerd MGMT guys.

I found the Rules/Regulations for Pizza Place at A Board Game A Day


The object of this game is to be the first to obtain four different “good guy cards”, three different “bad guy cards”, and arrive at the center of the board via sewer travel to win the “ultimate battle”.

The ultimate battle, and indeed every battle in the game, is won using the plastic battle flipper. Basically the battle flipper is a see-saw like device with four compartments. A die is placed in the first compartment, and the flipper is “flipped”, so that the die flies into one of the other three compartments (numbered 1-3).

Good guy cards are obtained by landing on spaces marked “draw a good guy card.” Good guy cards are used to fight and obtain bad guy cards. Bad guy cards are placed in colored sections of the board, and can be fought if the player has at least one good guy card with a number value at least as high as the bad guy. Battles involve attempting to use the battle flipper to flip the die into a specific compartment of the flipper within a certain number of tries. Number of tries and which compartment is determined by which bad guy is being fought. In the case of the ultimate battle to win the game a player must use no more than four tries to flip the die into each of the three compartments.

Failed flips at any time through the game result in a loss of good guy cards, which makes one of the key tenets of this game the acquisition of plenty of good guy cards.

Movement around the board is accomplished in three different ways. Players move each turn via dice throw. Players can also travel through sewers, however manhole covers must be moved around (spots on the board allow this)to allow this. There are also “pizza” spaces on the board which allow the player to spin a pizza dial. Three of four possibilities on the wheel are “Move Anywhere.”

So this game to me, given its sentimental value and the fact that I love TMNT stuff gets a 5 star rating. I would love to find it again!


tmnt_pizza_power_game_by_ukuli-d324xid tumblr_lkwxezykO21qj1fjgo1_400 Ninja-Turtles-Pizza-Power-Board-Game-Box

Are the TMNT Movie Figures Helping or Hurting?

Good or Bad: TMNT Movie Figures

     Man oh man I want to like these figures. I mean look at the 4 turtles themselves. They are detailed and come with pretty good weapons, but the articulation looks terrible. Obviously there is no way of knowing without handling them, but wow its hard to see any with all of that “garbage” they’re wearing. I cannot believe that is what they look like. So is that turning people off from the movie, already knowing these turtles will be wearing derelict “clothing” that they clearly found in dumpsters around NYC?


     Splinter looks good, better than I had thought he was going to. I love the Fu-man-Chu they have on him, and the robe and smaller stature is perfect. He is by far the best looking figure of the bunch, but again is that enough to get excited for the movie? Maybe. We don’t see any accessories, no staff or throwing stars. So if he is without either of those, I would say no. I don’t know about you but MY Master Splinter carries a staff.


     April O’Neil and Shredder are looking lackluster. April just looks blah, and bland, and mute. Nothing jumps out on this figure as awesome or even good. There is a camera and a should bag, but is that it on articulation? Really? 4 points? This makes me a little sick to my stomach, because I am sure these figures will be $10 – $11 and this figure is not worth it. Shredder is a whole another story… He looks so little, and I am hoping it is the size of the photo but it doesn’t look good. The armor looks terrible and overall this figure is atrocious. This does not make me want to see this movie and get excited about it. AND ONCE AGAIN are there accessories? A sword or a gun or something? Anything? I mean the picture shows all 4 turtles with their weapons so what about Shredder?


     The Foot Soldier is the worst figure I have ever seen. I don’t have very many words about this, but it is the worst figure I have ever seen. I really hope that the Foot Soldiers in the movie are 100 times better than this one. It comes with a small knife. Yay! Is that it? I can’t even fathom what people were thinking when they designed this figure.


     Overall I am going to see this movie. I want to see how much they have changed the Mythology that is TMNT. However, these action figures are making me hate it before it even has come out. That is not good for them, I mean why make your fanbase less excited about the movie by releasing the images of its terrible toys before hand. Superman Man of Steel had terrible toys but they didn’t release the pictures of the bad toys until after the movie came out. Same with Green Lantern, no one knew the toys sucked until they had seen the movie. This is not looking good for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the movie. Not at all.

TMNT: Not As Terrible As We Thought?

Michael Bay’s Garbage Covered Oversized Kung Fu Turtles!?


Ok Ok Ok a little harsh, I know… Michael Bay only maybe knows this movie exists, and that he help render and design a couple of fight scenes; but man his name is polarizing in the Fan Boy world. Even if his name is attached people freak out! My first thought after seeing the trailer was… Ok yeah maybe this won’t be the train wreck we have been lead to believe it was going to be for months. Even though it has Megan Fox in it, it seems like they have a good ground base for their story and since they aren’t Aliens that is 100% better than initial information.

Ok as for the trailer, great action and great witty comedy. The man who becomes Shredder (William Fichtner)  is narrating the whole trailer and he reveals that April O’Neil’s dad and he created the Turtles. Throughout the trailer you see Eric Sachs [Fichtner] staring at the Shredder armor, like he was peering into the soul of himself.

We see April (A LOT) in the trailer as well as Leo and Mikey up close and Donnie and Raph in an action sequence. Mikey gets in a good joke at the very end, and we see April faint. The Turtles look just like the leaked pics of the Action Figures. All of them seem to be dressed in derelict clothes that looks like they found in the garbage cans.

Overall I still think this will be a disaster, but not because Michael Bay is attached to it; or because of the design; or even because of the storyline. There is just something about it, I can’t put my finger on it, that is just off a bit. It will definitely be worth going to in the theatre, but I don’t think it will be loved by true fans.

Toy Fair 2014

With New York Toy Fair schedule to kick off on Sunday February 16th we have already seen a large collection of Toys that will make their appearance there. 5 point articulation Retro Action Figures, New TMNT, DC Collectibles with an all new line, and many many Lego sets. There are so much more Toys already announced or slated to be announced that this may very well be the best weekend in Toy News for many many years.

Big thanks to ToyNewsi   for breaking many of these Toy stories for us and reporting them on their website. You should swing on over to see them for yourselves. Whether you are into 3.75″ or Pop Vinyls or Transformers or TMNT or SO MANY MORE!!!!! you will not be disappointed this year. It seems that many many different companies are finally getting into the smart game of adhearing to collectors and kids alike.

ReAction Figures or Retro Vintage 5 Pointers are going to sweep the Nation in 2014 and you better believe anything that is a Pop Vinyl will be a ReAction Figure so look out! What will you collect?

For all of your Toy News check out ToyNewsi or Nerd Management or So Nerdy it Hurts  on Facebook.

Scale and Missing Figs

Why Scale is Not Too Important Anymore, and WTF are the Human Android Kraang?

Playmates is single handedly proving that building Action Figures to scale is not that important, and collectors will buy the figures not matter what. Sales of the Nickelodeon TMNT line is through the roof and no one is more excited about that than I am.

Ever since I was a little kid collecting TMNT in the early 90’s I have loved these little green turtles, and when the Abominations that were the 2000’s line I have wanted retribution in the form of a great TMNT line. Well that has happened and they are now going into their 3rd year.

My biggest concern though is the blatant disregard of scaling by Playmates. Some figures are perfectly scaled and some are arguably the most frustrating toys on Earth. Metal Head being shorter than Mikey is amazing and I thought we had turned a corner with this issue until Dawgpound and Leatherhead came along and pushed back the importance of scaling for this line. As the figures grow more and more popular with the success of the show on Nick we will see just droves and droves of new figures with scale thrown out of the window.

We have some upcoming figures showing up in 2014 and their scale looks as if Playmates has finally told us that they don’t care and neither should we. Kirby Bat (Wingnut), Mutagen Man, Squirrelnoid, and Rahzar will all be about the same size and they are all very different heights in the show.

With all of these great figures out and announced a few have eluded us so far. Humanoid Kraang bodies, Karai, General Tragg, and more fan favorites are nowhere to be seen. We have seen some screen shots from a Walmart order screen placed to Playmates and they are exciting!!! I mean Robot Foot and Deep Cover TMNT but no Karai or Tragg? Come on! This line will be around I feel longer than the original and it is only picking up steam. But they need to bring out the big guns and get some fan favorites out on the shelves.