Pokemon GO & Connect with Your Kids

July 6, 2016 the Day the 1990’s got into a Tardis and stepped foot 20 years into the future. Niantic Labs (Ingress) a small App based gaming company aquired the rights to make an App game version of the hugely successful and popular Nintendo franchise Pokemon. The game as we all know is Pokemon Go.

The game features a GPS based navigation system, which mean you have to “Go” and leave your home to play. In fact you have to make your way to different areas to catch different Pokemon. This game is based on Generation 1 Pokemon which was introduced in America in the late 1990’s.

This game also introduced another opportunity beyond catching all 151 original Pokemon, it gives even the most closed off individuals a chance to get out and meet new people. Let’s face it, when we were kids Pokemon was huge, and its back. Parents who loved Pokemon in the 90’s and even through today on the Nintendo DS games as well as the popular card game; can share their enjoyment with their children. The gamer base on this ranges from 6-60 from a straw poll on Reddit’s R/PokemonGo page.

I have taken this opportunity to share a common interest with my 6 year old son who had never heard of Pokemon before I started playing this game, but now loves them so much that he even is building his own out of Legos and naming them. He has some old Pokemon trading cards from the 90’s as well. He even watches the Original Indigo Leagues on Netflix. Needless to say that he is so happy right now with this new little world of Pokemon that this game has done more than it probably set out to do and I am very thankful for it.



Thank Deadpool It’s Friday ( Jiff Edition )

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday!!!

     I was recently sent this from a friend on Twitter @ReclusivPidgeon because I was having a VERY CRAPPY Thursday!!! I highly recommend following her, especially if you are a gamer because she is an avid Gamer and she is a Twitcher too. Deadpool always bring out the smiles when life is throwing some groin punches my way. It definitely made me laugh out loud. Not only @ReclusivPidgeon but you should also check out @Bentheo, @DPandFriends, and @Bairdduvessa if you love Tweets sometimes concerning Deadpool or all around craziness!

     With the recent “Leak” of the Deadpool test footage and the “Leaked” picture of Ryan Reynolds in MOCAP for the role if make me think maybe FOX is finally trying to put this movie out. If this happens and we finally get a Deadpool movie I will 100% feel like this:

     There was some argument on Twitter and online about whether Deadpool should be rated R or not. I don’t think it has to be. My favorite runs of Deadpool were not even close to rated R (Joe Kelly, Gail Simone) and only recently has Deadpool entered the “Gore” and “Mutilation” arena. That to me can be left off camera, all I care about is the “Mouth” aspect of the greatest Anti-Hero Marvel has to offer.

     When the Deadpool video game came out I was excited because it was another medium for the world to be spoon fed Deadpool and it was ok to play, I’d give it a B or A-, but it was way over the top with cussing, gore, and sex. It was a little out of the element the I like about Deadpool and I ended up a little dissatisfied with the game and looking like this:

    I mean YAY! there was a Deadpool game but eh, kinda redundant and polarizing because that really wasn’t the Deadpool I expected even though it was funny all in one. Oh well, right? Now don’t get me wrong:

     I mean killing is what Deadpool does. Its not really ever gory but he gets the job done. I mean he has 3 different mini series that have “Deadpool Kills” in the title. That says a lot from Marvel comics to give his character a free reign like that to do about whatever he wants. The movies are a little different the object of comic book movies is not to entertain but to make money for the studio and if the viewer happens to be entertained in the process, good that’s a bonus.

      But as for now we are still waiting, still playing that game of when. Still waiting patiently for a movie that brings the biggest and fastest growing person from the X-Men universe to the movie screen in a correct form. We’re still even holding out hope that it will be Ryan Reynolds (personally I’d rather it be Nolan North) that graces the end credits scene or cameos in an X-Men movie so we can have assurance that we will be getting this done. But until then I have one thing to say to 21st Century Fox and more specifically Laura Donner:

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rheet Rheese who is the Writer/producer of Deadpool needs your help & Support. Everyone can lend a helping hand. We need to get ‘Deadpool’ made and Mr. Rheese is conducting a twitter campaign to urge the studio to get on this beloved project! So here’s how you can help. 

Thanks for all of your help & Support in Advance! Let’s Make This Thing Happen!


Saturday’s Hot Toys: Guardians of the Galaxy

The Legends of the GotG are awesome. Rocket Raccoon is by far the best though. These are currently everywhere from Toys R Us to Walmart and Target. You shouldn’t have any problem getting these at all.

The 2.5″ figures and Space Ships are at Walmart and Toys R US as well. These are the real surprise, I had no faith in this line what so ever and I am very IMPRESSED by these figures. They are reminiscent of the MASK toyline in the 1980’s and 1990’s. 4 points of articulation but so detailed they are worth it.  Both Rocket Raccoon figs are great but Rocket with Gun in hand is by fair the best figure in the line. All 3 space ships are worth the price tag. I think Marvel has a hit on their hands and there is nothing that looks like that will change. Like I said I questioned the scale at first but, nope perfect!

I have yet to see the Lego Guardians of the Galaxy sets to come out yet but I am very excited to see them when they do. Like most Lego sets they look awesome!