We’re 1 Month Away!!! 2nd Annual Nerd MGMT Comic Book Madness!

Feb 23, 2015 our 2nd annual interactive Comic Book Character March Madness tournament will begin.

Can someone defeat last year’s Champion Wally West the Flash or will he repeat as Champion?



Woman Crush Wednesday: Arwyn

Woman Crush Wednesday: Arwyn

From the pages of Sojourn the Royal Archer known as Arwyn has dominated the pages of Crossgen Comics. A strong independent woman in her own right set out on a journey to avenge the deaths of her family and the destruction of her village.

With a warriors heart and a marksman’s aim Arwyn has led many armies into battles and has won countless battles. She is strong and very smart and anything that a man can do in the Five Lands. The warlord Mordath sent millions of soldiers to defeat her but they were stricken down by her fierce Sword and accurate bow.

She is shown as a strong leader and someone that can hold their own against anyone. Arwyn is right up there with the top women characters in comic books. When CrossGen went bankrupt the world of comics lost many great characters including the Sojourner herself: Arwyn.

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Nerd MGMT Top 5: Comic Book Villains

Nerd MGMT Top 5′s: Comic Book Villains

We all have those Villains that stick with us. Are they the nemesis of your favorite hero? Are they scary and menacing? Are they misunderstood and deserve a chance to be good? Any of them will do. What are your Top 5 Comic Book Villains of All-Time? Any company, any decade, any villain. Whose your Top 5?