Deadpool Movie Review

For a movie that was made for fans this movie stands up on its own two feet. This movie has teeth and uses them to bite its way into your hearts. Normally a movie made solely for fan service you would not expect such a high caliber movie, but Deadpool hits on all cylinders and gives you all out extreme violence, vulgarity, nudity, bloodshed, humor and everything else we all wanted from this movie. Ask and ye shall receive.

The test footage we all saw 2 and a half years ago, starts out the film with some additions that make it even more fantastic. The slow motion action scenes really drive home the feeling of a panel by panel sequence from the comic books.  The constant 4th Wall breaking, really brings Deadpool to life. There are a few points in the movie where you would think that it might get a little repetitive but it bails itself out with a hilarious joke or gratuitous violence and you forget Wade has been talking just to you for a few moments.

The amount of Easter Eggs and references to other Marvel and Fox properties is enormous and not at all overwhelming. They are all well placed and well written. There are aspects of Deadpool and the people he surrounds himself with from every era of Deadpool from the Comics. There are strong ties to Fabian Nicieza with Ajax being the main villain, Joe Kelly with Weasel and Blind Al, Gail Simone with the overarching love story, Victor Gischler with the vulgarity and the Team Up aspect with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus, Jason Aaron with the nudity and violence, and Daniel Way’s way of making Deadpool seem insane but his plans always work out in the end. If anything this movie was a great homage to all of the people who have defined Deadpool.

This movie is as much Ryan Reynolds as it is Rob Liefield and it is a true tribute to the fans because it has everything you could have asked for. The origin in this movie is pretty close to the Minus One, One Shot that came out about 12 years ago but we are missing some important players such as Dr. Killebrew but easily substituted for him was Ajax as the mastermind. Having the X-Men in this movie was amazing, but then to find out it is only Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead at first was a bummer until it wasn’t. By far NTW stole the show with those 2 and Colossus really held his own as a leader.

Deadpool went from this 1 shot villain in the pages of a dying franchise of New Mutants to a headlining name in the Marvel Comics roster. Showing up on the second issue of the Newly launched X-Force facing off against Weapon X Garrison Kane, and making a huge name for himself Deadpool was a hit. Little by little, year by year he got more appearances and more books. He has grown as a character exponentially until he is the pure gold minting character that drives people to cosplay by the thousands every year at conventions around the world. Deadpool is a phenomenon and this movie is an homage to his fans, Every. Last. One.

As a true fan, from the beginning. As a 1st grader who picked up New Mutants 98 off of a turnstile at an IGA in Jamestown, IN. I whole-heartedly give Deadpool a 10/10 and recommend all of you to go see it as well.



[Speculation] Did Fox Change the Final Cut of FF on Purpose?

So based on current numbers compared to projected numbers on the opening days of the Fox movie The Fantastic Four directed by now embroiled director Josh Trank (Chronicle), some might speculate that Fox could have something up their sleeve. Based on the tweet by Trank, that was quickly deleted, that says:


It seems as if Fox was not ready to put what he made into the world. Why is that. What would Fox have to gain from this? Well Fox is currently in negotiations to produce an X-Men TV Series based on their movie universe. As we found out earlier the TV rights are not as easy to interpret as the movie rights that Marvel sold 20 years ago. So how would Fox bring any leverage to the table? What about a dead franchise, whose movie just completely tanked to start off its box office run?

Fox could leverage their Mutant Universe and go “all-in” on the X-Men by offering that never acclaimed Fantastic Four movies up as tempting fodder to the almighty Disney-Marvel Gods.

Again, pure speculation, but what do you think?

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday (Deadpool Movie Edition)

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday (He Got a Movie B@#$%^es)

     Well by now you have heard the news, on February 12th 2016 we will finally be getting a Deadpool Movie! That’s right in case you were under a rock, we are finally getting a movie about the Merc-with-a-Mouth! This is very exciting news. It has been a long time coming, longer for some of us than others, but it has finally happened. Now with the “Leak” of the official footage and the Ryan Reynolds interview about the footage it seems like this was just a slow release to gauge the internet’s excitement for a Deadpool movie. With an overwhelming positive reception it seems like Fox got the affirmation it was looking for and they pulled the trigger and made the announcement today.

Now we have already had a Deadpool in an X-Men Movie but not many fans liked it. That was a poor way to put it… The internet revolted. I didn’t hate it, in fact Ryan Reynolds take on Wade Wilson was very impressive and even his stunts as the “Deadpool” at the end of the movie was great. It just wasn’t the Deadpool I was hoping for, but hey it was a Deadpool. This “Barakapool” as it was named was a Weapon X blunder that was a farce on the screen, but it was redeemed at the very end of the movie when Ryan Reynolds head appeared after being decapitated and said shh, breaking the 4th wall which is a Deadpool staple.


The time to rejoice about this is now, because as we all know the time to bitch and moan about this is on the horizon. Deadpool is a delicate subject, because his character has spanned 3 different decades and many different fans have their own visions on how they want their Deadpool to be. Some want him to constantly break the 4th wall, some want nothing but gore, others slap stick comedy, and some even debate how his voice should sound. There is Fabian Nicieza’s version of Deadpool that is much less pop culture based and more of a fast talking say the first thing to come to his mind type of crazy. Joe Kelly’s version of Deadpool was much more quick witted and pop culture based, while Gale Simone and Daniel Way used edgier type of comedy in their portrayal of Deadpool. I think one thing is certain for this movie, as long as he got cancer and acquired his healing factor from the Weapon X program in exchange for his services it will satisfy the masses.

Now we all have a wishlist of things we would love to see in this movie and I for one am excited for the literally hundreds of Easter Eggs that they could and should do for this movie. I would love to see a Rhino Key chain Easter Egg (I know I know Sony whatever).

Deadpool Movie Confirmed! Valentine’s Weekend 2016

The Merc-With-A-Movie hits the Silver Screen February 12, 2016 just in time for Valentine’s Dates across the country. That is pretty strategic on Fox’s part, I mean there will be a lot of red in the movie and obviously that is romantic right?

Thanks to Deadpool Bugle and the Hollywood Reporter for the story.

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday

So this happened…

DEADPOOL – Official Test Footage [HD] Ryan… by movietrailerz

Deadpool Omnibus

Also it has been a year since the greatest Deadpool run was realeased fully in an Omnibus. That run’s author Joe Kelly. That’s right all of Joe Kelly’s Deadpool Volume 1 (or 3 depending on who you are) is available in a HUGE OMNIBUS!!! that you can find at your local Comic Book Shoppe or on or even at Barnes & Noble.

     Joe Kelly’s Run would make a pretty darn good Deadpool Movie. So I was thinking you know Marvel could easily get ahead of Fox by putting out Animated Movies that could contain many different storylines such as Deadpool: Sins of the Past or Deadpool: The Circle Chase. Then I got to thinking yeah I am a Ryan Reynolds fan but Nolan North will always be Deadpool to me. He was the first Deadpool voice I ever heard in Marvel Ultimate Alliance and then the Marvel Animated Hulk movie.

     If they were going to make the Deadpool: Sins of the Past or Deadpool: Circle Chase animated movies; who would be the voice actors?

Deadpool:                               Nolan North

Banshee:                                 Simon Pegg

Siryn:                                        Kelly MacDonald

Juggernaut:                            Tom Kane

Black Tom:                              Billy Connelly or Alan Tudyk

Commcast/ Black Box:         Naveen Andrews

Weasel:                                     Justin Bartha

Slayback:                                 Steve Blum

Copy Cat:                                Megan Fox

Dr. Harmon Killebrew:        Kelsey Grammar

Tell me what you think! Would you change any of my Castings for these 2 Animated Movies?

DC Entertainment is Doing Comic Book TV Right

It started with Arrow. The current formula for great comic book TV started 2 seasons ago when Stephen Amell was cast as the titular protagonist on the CW’s new show Arrow based on the Green Arrow from the Detective Comics brand owned by the same company that owns the CW. Season 1 of Arrow was up and down, they were trying to find their wheelhouse and trying to find what type of audience they were going for. They were compared to Smallville that was also on the CW a few years prior. It wasn’t a fair comparison (much like Agents of SHIELD compared to the now hugely popular Arrow) but the comparisons were still there.

Season 2 of Arrow was a huge hit, they did it! A great fan base with a big online following and great DVR ratings numbers according to Nielsen Polls. So now what does DC Entertainment do? What else could they do that would get their new “Brand” out there for the world to see? Well Marvel was putting together their “Phase 3” of the MCU and DC was secretly building the DCMU, but they had something else Marvel didn’t have; a hit TV show. Marvel has Agents of SHIELD and its was panned its first season even though being brought back for a second, and they have the Netflix shows that come out in 2016 but with the already established Arrow and the hugely popular Flash coming to the CW, DC is set for a big win.

DC has Gotham coming to FOX, The Flash coming to the CW, and Constantine coming to NBC this fall. All 3 have been widely praised by early viewers of all 3 pilots. I am super excited for all 3 of them even though Gotham scares me a bit, I mean a Batman show without Batman seems counter productive. The premise and the reviews though make it seem like they are doing it very well and it will be a great watch.

Arrow ended so well, and had a great cameo of The Flash himself Barry Allen in the season. The set up for season 3 was really solid. The preview for The Flash show was solid as well. The trailer for Constantine has been viewed by myself about 10 times, and I am patiently waiting for a good trailer for Gotham to come across the wire. Man DC Entertainment is doing Comic Book TV right.


const flash-logo arrow gotham-bar-big1