Nerd MGMT Top 5: Comic Book Villains

Nerd MGMT Top 5′s: Comic Book Villains

We all have those Villains that stick with us. Are they the nemesis of your favorite hero? Are they scary and menacing? Are they misunderstood and deserve a chance to be good? Any of them will do. What are your Top 5 Comic Book Villains of All-Time? Any company, any decade, any villain. Whose your Top 5?







Woman Crush Wednesday: Batgirl

Woman Crush Wednesday: Batgirl

     This is a new feature on my blog. Wednesdays now are Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) where I will pick one female character from Marvel, DC, Image, Dynamite, or any other comic book and I will write a short get to know you type of bio and then an opinion piece on that character.

     Batgirl first made her appearance in DC comics in 1961 as Bat-Girl aka Betty Kane. She was replaced in 1967 by the most well-known Batgirl, Barbara Gordon; who is the daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. She became an ally of Batman and the original Robin. From 1967 to 1988 she spends a great amount of time in DC Comics as a second tier character with no real purpose in the comics except to be a heroine for little girls to relate to.

    In 1988 Batgirl faced her biggest nemesis in Alan Moore, killer of everything. He placed Batgirl in his Batman: The Killing Joke book where she was paralyzed by a bullet from the gun of the Joker himself . After that Batgirl was no more, or at least Barbara Gordon was no longer Batgirl. She became the Oracle, a paraplegic super hero who helps many different heroes in the DC universe.

     From Gordon’s paralyzation all the way up into DC Comics The New 52 relaunch there were 3 other Batgirls; Helena Bertinelli
Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown. All 3 of which were good in their own right but always lacked that “Something” that Barbara Gordon brought to the role of Batgirl. That is why when DC Comics chose to relaunch their comics that they chose to go back to the favorite among fans and bring back Gordon as Batgirl penned by Gail Simone.

     As a woman in comic books Batgirl is a big name, almost as big as Wonder Woman or Super Girl. She is strong and smart and that is a big reason that I chose to use her first for the Woman Crush Wednesday feature. It isn’t about “crushing” but it is about respect. And one thing is for certain Batgirl is a very respectable character in comics. She is loveable and can be seen as a role model for young girls and women who read comic books and need to see a strong female presence in a Universe that is light on respectable women figures.

Special Thanks to: http://naldzgraphics.net/inspirations/bat-girl-artworks/ for all of the pictures I used of Batgirl.

So Nerdy’ Interview with Victor Gischler

I had a moment to interview one my favorite Deadpool writer’s Victor Gischler. He is an award winning Novelist and a freelance comic book author writing for Marvel, Darkhorse, and Dynamite.


Mikel:           You are known for doing novels as well as comic books. Some of your more famous novels are Gun Monkeys, Shotgun Opera, and The Deputy. Do you have a specific novel you are most proud of? Was there one that you enjoyed writing more than any other?

Victor:          “A fair question but a bit hard to answer.  Different novels represent different things to me and different stages of my career.  GUN MONKEYS was nominated for an Edgar Award and launched me as a novelist, and GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE was me just letting it all hang out and saying “screw it, I’m going to write the most fucked up novel I can.”  Still … my first love as a reader (when I was a kid) was the fantasy genre.  So my novel INK MAGE was a book that was years in the making, something I’ve been wanting to write ever since it occurred to me to even be a writer.  I knew eventually I wanted to try fantasy and I finally did with INK MAGE.”

Mikel:          You have done many comic books for Marvel such as Deadpool: Merc-With-A-Mouth, Deadpool Corps, X-Men, Punisher Max. You have also done some books for Dynamite and Dark Horse such as Buffy, Conan, and Noir which you are still on. What are the main differences in a large company like Marvel compared to a smaller more independent company like Dark Horse or Dynamite? Do you like working with one more that the other?

Victor:          “Sometimes an editor keeps a pretty tight grip on what I’m doing … other times they turn me loose.  But I’ve found that changes from book to book, not publisher to publisher.  No matter the size of the publisher, they still want to put out the best, most professional product possible.  I will say that working with Dark Horse has allowed me to put out some creator-owned things like CLOWN FATALE and KISS ME, SATAN, and that’s been very rewarding.”

Mikel:               As a huge Deadpool fan that is how I was introduced into your work, do you find that many people associate you with your run on Merc-with-a-Mouth and Deadpool Corps or do people recognize you more for your novels? Does that bother you? Which would you like to be known for more? Comic Books or Novels?

Victor:             “People seem to recognize me more for my comic work, but that’s usually because I’m at  comic convention or a store for Free Comic Book Day or something like that.  So it’s natural.  I don’t really do a lot of book events anymore.  I’ve had people say “Oh you also write comics and not just novels?” and vice versa.  It just depends on how readers first stumble across my existence.  I’d like to be know for good, entertaining stories … be they comics or novels.”

Mikel:               Okay final question you have been nominated for the Edgar and the Anthony Awards and you have a PhD from Southern Miss in English so you are well acclaimed. If you could have one job in the world other than being an author What would it be and why?

Victor:              “Mayor of Epcot”

Mikel:                What projects do you have coming up that you are excited for?

Victor:                 I’m currently the season 10 writer for Angel & Faith which is an exciting challenge, and I have a irreverent B-movie post apocalypse book forthcoming from Titan called Sally of the Wasteland.