Once Upon A Time 0322: There’s No Place Like Home (S3 Finale)

Once Upon A Time Season 3 Finale: There’s No Place Like Home

     The second half of Season 3 started out very strong for Once Upon A Time with the introduction of Zelena the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz folklore. As you all know she was Regina’s half sister and she held a grudge that rivaled no other. Of course she tried and tried to destroy any happiness Regina had and in doing so she created the Time Curse. She planned on traveling back in time to change her fate; the one problem was Regina had Snow White, Prince Charming, Hook, and Emma on her side.

     The season 3 finale was a set up for season 4 big time, all of the excitement with the falling action and the storyline resolution came in episode 21 where they defeated Zelena and we saw Regina redeemed by using “Light Magic”. We see in the season finale that Emma and Hook fall into the time portal that Zelena’s magic opened after she was killed by Rumpelstiltskin in the Jail cell.

     This show feels like it is from a Cable Network and not ABC. The finale not being anything but a vehicle for the next season is straight from Cable, but that isn’t that out of place anymore. More and more shows are doing that. While in the Enchanted Forest Hook and Emma have to make sure they don’t change anything due to the Ripple Effect. However, Emma changes a lot of things and they have to make sure her parents end up with each other so that Emma wont disappear.

     It is funny to see them interact with Rumple since he wants Hook dead, and Rumple has a good one-liner to Hook. The episode gets bogged down a little bit with the thickness of the Charming/ Snow connection and showing us that no matter what you change they will find each other. We get it, but the finale did spark the interest in; Is Ginnifer Goodwin forever pregnant? Its really starting to get creepy on the show.

     Emma and Hook go back to Rumple’s Castle where he locks them in his “Vault” where he stores all of the Magic he cannot even control. While in there Hook grabs an urn out of a curio and the camera stays on it too long, so you immediately know that Season 4’s Villain is inside of that urn. But how does it get back to Storybrook? Why Emma of course, she finds out her Magic is back and she opens the time portal back to now. During the commotion the urn flies through as well and crashes into the hieroglyph that Zelena has made in the dirt floor of the Old Barn in Storybrook.

     While Emma and Hook are back at Granny’s Diner sharing a smooch, and Snow with Charming are announcing that they named their new baby Neil after Rumple’s son, and Regina face-to-face with the woman who has just came back into her love’s life; The urn busts open and blue liquid fills the trenches of the hieroglyph in the barn and a figure rises up from the liquid. A familiar figure reveals itself and take off a glove… Elsa from Frozen…

     There is much debate on the internet whether or not that is too soon, a great villain, or if that is just a marketing ploy to get more money from the Frozen train that is still sitting in the station printing money. Who knows why the producers chose Elsa, but I love it. My wife and I are so excited for Season 4!

Overall Rating:

Episode 22 (S3 Finale): 4/5

Season 3: 4/5