Picked up some Childhood Heroes today! Legion of Doom!

What A Rush!!!


That’s right I found the Series 30 WWE Elite Road Warrior Hawk (RIP) and Road Warrior Animal that I have been looking for! So awesome!!!

These guys were my childhood heroes, I mean I rarely got to see my father because his substance abuse problems he was in and out of jail for most of my childhood. But! when he was home we watched WWF Wrestling together and we both loved The Legion of DOOM! Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal were so dominant and I imagined that they were me and my dad taking out all of the bad guys in the world. So for me these guys are a very large part of the good things about my childhood that stand out.

Here’s to you dad, OOOOHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH!!!!!


Hot Toys: SDCC Toy Announcements

We have had already some big announcements from Mattel, HASBRO, and Playmates. There were more but these are the 3 I care about so that is what I care to listen to. The last half of 2014 and 1st half of 2015 will be a real wallet-draining time period for me, but I am alright with it based on what I have seen so far.

Mattel and the WWE have teamed up for some amazing toys and the newest WWE cast member Sting joined Hulk Hogan and Daniel Bryan at the SDCC panel to announce their toyline. It looks like we’re going to be getting some new Ultimate Warrior Figures as well. Here are some pictures from SDCC courtesy of Toynewsi.com


Hasbro announced another Spider-Man Marvel Legends wave featuring some unique figures. I guess because of movie licensing issue we may never see a Fantastic Four Wave. But they did redeem their (in my eyes) failing 3.75″ line by giving us a Jim Lee Beast, Sandman, and Bishop. They are also putting out a great 2 waves of 6″ Legends figures such as Odin, Captain Marvel, White Iron Fist, and so many more to count. Here is a video from Marvelousnews.com and some pics.


Finally my favorite announcements came from Playmates at SDCC reguarding TMNT and all things Turtle!

Mutation TMNT Figures

– 9 Figures that you can swap parts between them (similar to HASBRO’s Marvel Supe Hero Mashers)

Role Playing TMNT

– Casey Mask w/ Bat

– More TMNT Masks with eye changing colors


– Casey Jone’s Zamboni w/ a new Casey Figure

– Hovercraft w/ Raph

– T-Rocket

– TMNT BLIMP!!!!!!

– Pizza Thrower with 2 seats!!! for Nick Toy Line

-Pizza Thrower for the Classics wave!

– Transforming Vehicles like a 3 wheeler and Motobike that turn into Hovercrafts


– 6″ Shredder and Kraang

– Tiger Claw

– Robo Foot

– Mikey as Turflytle

– Fly Baxter

– Serpent Karai

– Bebop and Rocksteady!!!!!! for the Cartoon Line!!!!!!

– 4 New Mystic Ninja Turtles

– Classic Comic Book Figures for the Cartoon Line

– Monkey Brains


Saturday’s Hot Toys: Guardians of the Galaxy

The Legends of the GotG are awesome. Rocket Raccoon is by far the best though. These are currently everywhere from Toys R Us to Walmart and Target. You shouldn’t have any problem getting these at all.

The 2.5″ figures and Space Ships are at Walmart and Toys R US as well. These are the real surprise, I had no faith in this line what so ever and I am very IMPRESSED by these figures. They are reminiscent of the MASK toyline in the 1980’s and 1990’s. 4 points of articulation but so detailed they are worth it.  Both Rocket Raccoon figs are great but Rocket with Gun in hand is by fair the best figure in the line. All 3 space ships are worth the price tag. I think Marvel has a hit on their hands and there is nothing that looks like that will change. Like I said I questioned the scale at first but, nope perfect!

I have yet to see the Lego Guardians of the Galaxy sets to come out yet but I am very excited to see them when they do. Like most Lego sets they look awesome!

Throwback Thursday: Barnyard Commandos

So many good toys came from the 80’s and 90’s. SO MANY, driving down memory lane on this TBT. Barnyard Commandos was a cartoon and set of toys by Playmates that came out in 1989. Let me tell you, these were my 2nd favorite toys back then. Everywhere my GI Joes went with me for at least 2 years my Barnyard Commandos went too.

porks_s1_thum rams_s1_thum

     Barnyard Commandos was a toy line from 1989 that pitted the RAMS (Rebel Army of Military Sheep) v. the PORKS (Platoon of Rebel Killer Swine). There were 2 series that came out with 16 figures that each came with a body weapon and 1 series of vehicles. There was a 13 episode cartoon that came out after the series 1 figures came out and 4 VHS movies that collected the 13 episodes came out as well.

porks_s1_web 7940185030_2dddec1001_z

     The amount of fun that these toys brought was amazing and I recently found a bunch of my old figures, but not all. I fear that a lot of them never made the 25 year journey in life. Nothing says AMERICA like toys that are based on radio active animals, its kinda like the foundation of our country. I think it is the inalienable rights that they were talking about.


Throwback Thursday: Micro Machines

Micro Machines: Where’d They Go?
     I had so many of these tiny little cars, and trucks, and planes, and ships. I loved Micro Machines. All of a sudden it seems like one day they vanished. Without a trace they were no longer in stores. I couldn’t find them at Toys R Us, Walmart, Kmart, KB Toys, or anywhere. I was devestated. A few years later, as I accumulated some on eBay from the ones I lost as a kid, I noticed online that in 2006 they were canceled. They were canceled by the now defunct Galoob company.
     Hasbro owns the rights right now and have yet to set a release of anything new. I noticed some repackaged Micros at Walmart in the Discount Toy section of the “Gift Idea” area, but they are just not the same. No matter who puts tiny scale cars out, there will never be anything like opening a 5 pack of Micro Machines.
     Who knows? Maybe one day they will make a triumphant return to our lives. But right now they have gone the way of the Popple. Gone without a trace, like a faint rumble I can hear the fast voiced commercial announcer whispering in the wind, “If it doesn’t say Micro, its not the real thing!”

Throwback Thursday: Might Max

Might Max was a cartoon that centered around Max, a not so adventurous boy who mysteriously recieves a hat in the mail with a note that tells him he is the new “Cap Bearer.” The amazing Rob Paulsen plays Max, because Paulsen. Each episode there was a different quest that Max and his 2 allies Virgil and Norman had to complete to try to stop the evil Skull Master from ruling the world.

There were 40 episodes over 2 seasons of Mighty Max and well over 25 playsets and vehicles for the Toyline to go with all of the episodes from TV as well as 4 playsets that were in McDonald’s Happy Meals. These were basically the boy equivelant of Polly Pocket for girls. That was from the time where political correctness and marketing said boys get their own toys and girls get their own.

Check out Retro Junk’s Mighty Max Page for an in depth look at many of the Mighty Max playsets.


6975555474_86594982e2 mighty-max-series qwwergd2332332995_6a4c207fa5


Throwback Thursday: TMNT Pizza Power Board Game

Man do I remember playing this game for hours on end. It was something that my mom, dad, and sister could all play with together as a family. Seriously this is a big part of my childhood. Recently on facebook someone posted that they had found one complete and bought it. I will admit I was jelous and then spent the follwing time on eBay trying to find one complete and cheap. Let’s just say that is mutually exclusive for this game. I am having a hard time finding it, but I will find it and I will play the crap out of it with my family and the Nerd MGMT guys.

I found the Rules/Regulations for Pizza Place at A Board Game A Day


The object of this game is to be the first to obtain four different “good guy cards”, three different “bad guy cards”, and arrive at the center of the board via sewer travel to win the “ultimate battle”.

The ultimate battle, and indeed every battle in the game, is won using the plastic battle flipper. Basically the battle flipper is a see-saw like device with four compartments. A die is placed in the first compartment, and the flipper is “flipped”, so that the die flies into one of the other three compartments (numbered 1-3).

Good guy cards are obtained by landing on spaces marked “draw a good guy card.” Good guy cards are used to fight and obtain bad guy cards. Bad guy cards are placed in colored sections of the board, and can be fought if the player has at least one good guy card with a number value at least as high as the bad guy. Battles involve attempting to use the battle flipper to flip the die into a specific compartment of the flipper within a certain number of tries. Number of tries and which compartment is determined by which bad guy is being fought. In the case of the ultimate battle to win the game a player must use no more than four tries to flip the die into each of the three compartments.

Failed flips at any time through the game result in a loss of good guy cards, which makes one of the key tenets of this game the acquisition of plenty of good guy cards.

Movement around the board is accomplished in three different ways. Players move each turn via dice throw. Players can also travel through sewers, however manhole covers must be moved around (spots on the board allow this)to allow this. There are also “pizza” spaces on the board which allow the player to spin a pizza dial. Three of four possibilities on the wheel are “Move Anywhere.”

So this game to me, given its sentimental value and the fact that I love TMNT stuff gets a 5 star rating. I would love to find it again!


tmnt_pizza_power_game_by_ukuli-d324xid tumblr_lkwxezykO21qj1fjgo1_400 Ninja-Turtles-Pizza-Power-Board-Game-Box