New Comic Book Day: 8/6/14

Books I am excited About

     There are 4 books this week that I am excited to read. These aren’t my normal reads because of an off week for Marvel and myself but I am still looking forward to reading them anyway.

     First one is Thor: The Tenth Realm #3 featuring one of my favorite artists Simone Bianchi and written by Jason Aaron. This story features Thor and Loki going to the newly discovered 10th Realm where their newly aforementioned sister Angela hails from. This is a Thor and Loki story so you know there will be antics and fighting.

     The next issue I am excited for is the Guardians of the Galaxy Annual written by Brian Bendis. This looks like it will be a pretty darn good annual and another great Guardians issue, especially since SHIELD shows up in space and the Guardians appear not to be too happy about it.

     The Next is Moon Knight #6 by Warren Ellis. The first 5 issues have been well written and drawn very well, but it just doesn’t have the it factor for a book, I am going to give it this last shot and I hope it gets better.


     The last book this week that I am excited to pick up and read is Inhuman #5 by the great Charles Soule. Someone from the Inhumans past is back and it is not looking good for Attilan.

     Again these aren’t my normal pulls because of a slow week for me but I definitely recommend these because I will be reading and so should you!

New Comic Book Day: 7/9/14

What I’m Excited About This Week!

     A few books are coming out this week that still look pretty darn good that Marvel is putting out. The first one I am extremely excited for Spider-Man 2099 #1 by Peter David. The cover is by one of my top-5 all-time artists Simone Bianchi so I am extremely excited for that!  The story looks pretty solid too bringing Miguel O’Hara from the future to 2014 and putting him against an enemy that doesn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with him.

     Marvel’s Original Sin #3 by Charles Soule reveals J. Jonah Jameson’s original sin while the Inhumans and Young Avengers track a foe. This has been a bumpy Event for Marvel. It started off strong but has completely fallen flat here in the middle. The fact that there are too many tie ins I think is hurting the whole Pre-Axis storyline, er.. I mean Original Sin Event.

     Nightcrawler by Chris Claremont was a little shaky at first but it has turned into a darn good read. I am looking forward to #4 which comes out and Nightcrawler has to choose between his family and the X-Men. Whoah!

     Deadpool #31 comes out and it is still a Buddy-Cop book, which was fine 8 years ago when it was a team up with Cable; but right now he is teaming up with “Dazzler” against Dracula. I am sure that Poeshn and Gary Duggan mean well, but this story line is just not doing it for me. I am excited to get this book right now only to add to my extensive Deadpool Collection.

Why Marvel Comics NEEDS A Reboot!

Marvel: Let’s Try This Again

     Man I loved Marvel Comics growing up… I could go to the comic book store and grab my favorite comic, flip through other ones, and laugh at the Archies without people seeing me me look at them. That was when Marvel was awesome; a long time ago that is. Grab a stack of books for about $10 and have a weeks worth of reading right up until the next time new comics came out. Those were the days; Marvel didn’t have Event after Event. In fact back then Marvel’s “Events” seemed to only be once a decade or maybe every 5 years. Somewhere along the lines, that changed.

     I was never a DC comics fan, but I think its safe to say right now I wish that I had been. DC comics may be slower up until now at coming out with movies for their comic universe, but their comic books have stood up quite well for themselves. I always looked at DC comics on the shelves growing up and my little brother even read them, but I could never pull away from Marvel. There is always a first for everything though.

     About 7 or 8 years ago, starting with Marvel Civil War, Marvel Comics have it in their veins to go Event to Event with one always leading into another. The incessant non stop barrage of Events and Drama doesn’t give readers a chance to breathe. We need time to process what has just happened. We need time to read about the fallout of the last event’s ramifications. But Marvel will not relent, they continuously run one into the next and it has to stop.

     Marvel has a HUGE SUCCESS in their Movie Franchises with hits like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers, and upcoming movies like Guardians of the Galaxy. They even have increased sales in comics because of Fox’s X-Men franchise and Sony’s Spider-Man. With the rising costs of comic book prices they are placing solely on the readers and the complete mess that their current comic book continuity is in right now; the best thing that Marvel can do is reboot their comics to match their Movie Universe.

     Take DC comics’ lead (Which Marvel has been copying for many years) and reboot the whole mess. Diehard fans will continue to read books, and you will make a ton more fans and readers by people who have seen the movies and didn’t know where to jump in. Marvel comics has to do something because they are alienating current readers and not gaining very many new readers. The movies are doing well, so why not go with the hot hand. Being stuck in the past and not adapting to a new marketplace is a pretty quick way of seeing yourself leaving the marketplace entirely.

Monday Morning 9 to 5: Super Powers, Normal Jobs

From Nine to Five: Super Powers, Normal Jobs

     Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have super powers? Yep me too, but what would it be like if the people in our every day lives had super powers too? What if it were so mundane and ordinary that everyone on Earth had a power and they had to go on living their everyday lives like it were no big deal? What current comic book superheroes would be best suited for normal blue collar jobs? That is the question at hand and each Monday I will bring you a different job that people hold everyday and I will suggest a few different Superheroes and/ or Villains that would be best suited for those jobs. I hope you enjoy, because this weeks job is:

Circuit Court Judge

Circuit court judges preside over all aspects of felony trials, from pretrial hearings to sentencing. They oversee the jury selection process, for grand juries and regular juries, decide the admissibility of evidence, consider whether attorney objections should be sustained or overruled, and instruct jurors concerning applicable law to consider during deliberation. Each state has sentencing guidelines to which a circuit court judge must adhere. Provided they stay within the sentencing guideline parameters, circuit court judges may set sentences for as long as they deem fit.

Imagine getting into trouble and going to jail. Imagine that you did something bad enough that you were going to be arraigned and you were going in front of a Judge. Imagine your surprise as you step into the courtroom only to be face to face with Judge Dredd! No matter your offense, from Jaywalking to littering you will be sentenced to DEATH.

Were you late for work one day? Did you double park or forget to pay the meter? Well in Judge Dredd’s jurisdiction that is a class A felony, good job dude! Leave early next time!

When you decided that you didn’t need to pick up the trash that blew out of the back of your truck while driving down the road and it hit a cop car; that was assaulting an officer. Goodbye life.

That is Judge Dredd’s world now that he is the local Circuit Court Judge in your town. Good luck!


Marvel: Summed Up in the Comments Section

Marvel: Summed Up in the Comments Section

The state of Marvel Comics right now, at this very moment; has been summed up in a paragraph by a commenter that goes by the name of Bobo. This is so eloquently written to show the Batshit Crazy that is going on in Marvel Comics right now. The comment is a reply to the article about Matt Murdock’s (Daredevil) Original Sin that is being unfolded in the comics right now.


There is a good possibility that fans of Marvel are finally noticing that with the price hikes, and the fact that the only thing Marvel does are “Events” that only lead into the next Event; that Marvel is very shallow and the depth of talent in their writing stable is small and only getting smaller. With the way DC is now going to start treating writers, I see Marvel stumbling again. Because if I didn’t know this was a comment, I would think that Marvel was just explaining the plot of Axis or something.

New Comic Book Day: 6/18/14

Well this week we do have the recording of the Nerd Management season 2 finale on Thursday night and wow what a season it was! Indiana Comic Con, C2E2, Free Comic Book Day with Mark Waid and Scott Snyder, Indy Pop Con, and E3 were all big for this upstart podcast and Nerdy News Website.

However, I do not have any books coming out this week that I am excited for. I am sure that there are many good books that you should look into though such as Original Sin #4 and Avengers #31 or also X-Men #15 and Uncanny X-Men #22. I think that both sets of books would be a good read, its just not anything I am going to spend money on myself this week. I normally would but I have a little thing called Florida to do. I have my Comixology on the Kindle Fire HD and ton of Orange Kickstarts in the cooler and we are headed down to paradise for a week.

So before I go I guess I could rant for a few… Why would I choose Comixology over paper comic books? I am a nostalgist at heart  and I love my collection, so what would make me switch to digital books that are inheritly harder to navigate that a paper copy? COST! Why the Face do they think that people are going to want to pay $3.99 and $4.99 for books that aren’t that much thicker and contain an advertisement every other page? At least with DC if they go to a $3.99 book they are almost ad free. But Marvel (Disney) is switching everyone over on the $3.99 Creep to their new standard of pricing. Its unnerving and on the Nerd Management podcast we talked about what would be the “Cap” for buying a book? 4, 5, 6 dollars per book? Mine is $5 and I will not pay a penny more.

So with that I leave you on this New Comic Book Day with this check out the Original Sin story line because w/o spoilers I think I have a pretty good idea on why What’s His Face did the thing he did and what all of this is setting up to in the next Marvel Event Axis. Also check out our special 2 part E3 podcast episode over at Nerd MGMT. Also think of me as I am enjoying a nice relaxing week of nothing at all! As always…

-Zoinks it’s Bloggering Time