Throwback Thursday: X-Mas Edition Best Christmas Ever




Throwback Thursday: X-Men Christmas!

The year that I received both the Danger Room and the Black Bird Jet was probably one of the best Christmases of my entire life until I had my son Oliver. I played for days, weeks, and months with these and with both of these 2 playsets it cemented Toy Biz as the best makers of Super Hero Toys ever!

That was also the year that I got the Archangel, Professor X, and Berserker Wolverine. Oh man this toy line was every kids dream. I wish toys were half as good as these were back then!


Throwback Thursday: Galoob WCW Wrestling Figures

Throwback Thursday: Galoob’s WCW Wrestling Figures

     Man o man did I love these figures. Even though they are static I didn’t know it at the time. All I knew was I could do all of the wrestling moves that I saw on TV with all of the characters I loved from WCW. Each figure was static in their “Finisher” move pose. So all of them were set to win at any moment.

     I had almost all of them. Mr. Z, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Sting, the Stiener Brothers, Vader and many many more. Now there were 2 different sizes there was the 5-6 inch and the 10-11 inch figures and they all came with the same gold WCW generic championship belt.

     There were 2 different wrestling rings that you could get for them and I know that I had both. Back then wrestling was my life. You could get the Steel Cage ring or the standard WCW ring that was white and red. Both were so much fun and I know that I spent many many hours playing with all of my figures and probably GI Joes in there too.

     These toys brought me hours and hours of enjoyment in a very fun way. I would sit and watch wrestling every monday night and play with my WCW figures and these people were superheroes to me back then. I owe a lot to these figures and I hope they brought you great memories too.

Throwback Thursday: Danger Mouse

Throwback Thursday: Danger Mouse


     For those who don’t remember Danger Mouse was an English cartoon on America TV that was a parody of British Spy Novels and shows like James Bond and Danger Man. He has a sidekick named Penfold who is with him always. It was on Nickelodeon in America in the late 1980’s into the early 1990’s and we will be getting a reboot of the show coming in 2015 from CBBC. It will feature 52 11-minute episodes and will come back to the Nickelodeon Network in America to run in between shows similar to the new Mickey Mouse short toons (Drawn by the Ren and Stimpy folks) for Disney right now.

    There were not a lot of toys that came out for the original Danger Mouse but I have a feeling that will change with the new incarnation of the British Spy Mouse and his sidekick Penfold.

Here is the episode Danger Mouse and the Orient Express

Throwback Thursday: Jim Lee’s 1990’s X-MEN!!!

Throwback Thursday: Jim Lee and His X-Men

     Duh Nuh Nuh Nah Nuh Nuh Duh Nuh Nuh Nah Nuh Nuh Duh Nuh Nuh Nah Nuh Nuh Nah Nuh!!! Saturday Mornings on Fox were the best. Watching X-Men cartoons, while playing with my Toy Biz X-Men figures like Wolverine and Trevor Fitzroy and Beast! Man o Man those were the days, SON!

Here we see the X-men facing off with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!

     Everything from the 90’s that was X-Men was JIM LEE, EVERYTHING. There was nothing that was mutant related that man did not have a hand in for like 8 or 9 years at Marvel. And it was Good! The Cartoon that was on fox on Saturday mornings was directly influenced by the Jim Lee Marvel X-Men book that debuted in 1991 with 10 variant covers to issue #1. Oh Marvel what were you thinking!? This comic book run brought Magneto, The Juggernaut, The Brotherhood to the forefront to a whole new generation of comic book fans. It directly made me the Marvel Zombie that I am now, and a perpetual Mutant Head that I will always be. The invention of Omega Red and insertion to the Super Soldier lineage along with the induction of Cyber and Omega Red into the Wolverine mythology was a strong bold move by Lee but one he stood by.

     Omega Red was the first new major villain created by Marvel for the Mutants at the time in over 11 years. He is in my top 5 X-Villains to grace the comics… Deadpool Excluded b.c. Duh!

This is one of my favorite things that Marvel ever put out and it of course is of the Villains, my favorite aspect of the X-Men universe!!! This picture sans Omega Red and Deadpool epitomizes my childhood love of the Jim Lee X-Men universe. I am glad Jim Lee is at DC he is a god but I miss him very much on the one thing in comic books that I hold dear, X-Men villains.

Throwback Thursday: Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi: Elixir of the Gods

     Introduced in 1992 Crystal Pepsi appeared on the Soda Scene with a great marketing campaign and a unique catch; All of the Taste of your favorite soda, with none of the opacity. When this new cola appeared I was 9 years old and I was in awe of the “Science” behind this. I loved Pepsi and this was so cool when it arrived.

     No one really thought about any side effects back then but looking back now; How Much Cancer do you think these caused? I mean soda is bad enough (I still drink Mt Dew) but a chemically engineered version of a soda, yikes. I guarantee this wouldn’t be able to be around now. I do remember seeing a Van Halen music video about Crystal Pepsi in fact here it is…


Man o Man those were the days… A simpler time. Just remember the late 80’s and Early 90’s were basically the same place, and that place was a Gold Mine for TBT’s.

Throwback Thursday: Arctic Batman

Who DIDN’T have this Figure?

     The Kenner Arctic Batman was a staple in households across America when there was at least 1 boy from 1992 and on through the early 1990’s. It came out in the 1992 Batman Returns movie line from Kenner and featured Batman’s Polar Armor and squeeze button Ice Blaster and also had a black cloth cape on Batman himself.

     The best part about this action figure looking back now is the amount of people that I know and that I talk to that had this figure when they were a kid. It is instant nostalgia and always brings a look of joy on whomever’s face I am talking to. They always say, “Oh man! I totally had that.” or “Wow yeah I remember that, I loved that figure.”

     So many people were affected by this figure that I would say that it is easily in the Top 100 figures in American Toy History. I would by vote this figure in there and stand behind that fact for the rest of my life. Man this figure was so awesome! Since then many of the new DC toylines have tried to resurrect the success of Arctic Batman with Fisher Price and Lego. While both of these figure are great neither live up to the legend that is Kenner’s 1992 Arctic Batman.

Special Thanks to 1989-Batman and Figure Realm for pictures of Arctic Batman.