Thank Deadpool It’s Friday (Deadpool Movie Edition)

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday (He Got a Movie B@#$%^es)

     Well by now you have heard the news, on February 12th 2016 we will finally be getting a Deadpool Movie! That’s right in case you were under a rock, we are finally getting a movie about the Merc-with-a-Mouth! This is very exciting news. It has been a long time coming, longer for some of us than others, but it has finally happened. Now with the “Leak” of the official footage and the Ryan Reynolds interview about the footage it seems like this was just a slow release to gauge the internet’s excitement for a Deadpool movie. With an overwhelming positive reception it seems like Fox got the affirmation it was looking for and they pulled the trigger and made the announcement today.

Now we have already had a Deadpool in an X-Men Movie but not many fans liked it. That was a poor way to put it… The internet revolted. I didn’t hate it, in fact Ryan Reynolds take on Wade Wilson was very impressive and even his stunts as the “Deadpool” at the end of the movie was great. It just wasn’t the Deadpool I was hoping for, but hey it was a Deadpool. This “Barakapool” as it was named was a Weapon X blunder that was a farce on the screen, but it was redeemed at the very end of the movie when Ryan Reynolds head appeared after being decapitated and said shh, breaking the 4th wall which is a Deadpool staple.


The time to rejoice about this is now, because as we all know the time to bitch and moan about this is on the horizon. Deadpool is a delicate subject, because his character has spanned 3 different decades and many different fans have their own visions on how they want their Deadpool to be. Some want him to constantly break the 4th wall, some want nothing but gore, others slap stick comedy, and some even debate how his voice should sound. There is Fabian Nicieza’s version of Deadpool that is much less pop culture based and more of a fast talking say the first thing to come to his mind type of crazy. Joe Kelly’s version of Deadpool was much more quick witted and pop culture based, while Gale Simone and Daniel Way used edgier type of comedy in their portrayal of Deadpool. I think one thing is certain for this movie, as long as he got cancer and acquired his healing factor from the Weapon X program in exchange for his services it will satisfy the masses.

Now we all have a wishlist of things we would love to see in this movie and I for one am excited for the literally hundreds of Easter Eggs that they could and should do for this movie. I would love to see a Rhino Key chain Easter Egg (I know I know Sony whatever).

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday!

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday!

     Just in case you don’t subscribe to Deadpool and Friends on Youtube I highly recommend that you check it out. The channel is a cartoon like Mugen cut and paste comedy featuring our favorite Merc-with-a-Mouth in various crazy situations and helped out by a slew of other Mugen Marvel characters. There are PSA’s by Deadpool himself as well as sketch type comedy featuring Wade himself.


Deadpool #33 came out and while the story was great the overall feel of the book is off as we see “Artist” John Lucas continuously vomit onto the panels and then make his inkers go back over it. It is a shame that this good story line is hard to swallow because you have to look at the art in this book. We can only hope that Lucas run is almost over.

     Deadpool Guantlet #6 came out as well and this is some art that people should get behind! Reilly Brown and Scott Koblish are amazing in this book, and has made a lackluster story hide its flaws with flawless pencils and ink. Amazing!

     The X-Force variant of the Kotobukiya Deadpool looks pretty solid and the color scheme on it looks pretty awesome. Nothing short of amazing when it comes to their statues.

Deadpool is featured in a .gif promo for upcoming Marvel event Axis. The interview with Rick Rememender makes it seem that Deadpool plays a very huge roll in the Axis Storyline. My theory on this is that it involves Cable (One of the many) and Apocalypse.

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday ( Jiff Edition )

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday!!!

     I was recently sent this from a friend on Twitter @ReclusivPidgeon because I was having a VERY CRAPPY Thursday!!! I highly recommend following her, especially if you are a gamer because she is an avid Gamer and she is a Twitcher too. Deadpool always bring out the smiles when life is throwing some groin punches my way. It definitely made me laugh out loud. Not only @ReclusivPidgeon but you should also check out @Bentheo, @DPandFriends, and @Bairdduvessa if you love Tweets sometimes concerning Deadpool or all around craziness!

     With the recent “Leak” of the Deadpool test footage and the “Leaked” picture of Ryan Reynolds in MOCAP for the role if make me think maybe FOX is finally trying to put this movie out. If this happens and we finally get a Deadpool movie I will 100% feel like this:

     There was some argument on Twitter and online about whether Deadpool should be rated R or not. I don’t think it has to be. My favorite runs of Deadpool were not even close to rated R (Joe Kelly, Gail Simone) and only recently has Deadpool entered the “Gore” and “Mutilation” arena. That to me can be left off camera, all I care about is the “Mouth” aspect of the greatest Anti-Hero Marvel has to offer.

     When the Deadpool video game came out I was excited because it was another medium for the world to be spoon fed Deadpool and it was ok to play, I’d give it a B or A-, but it was way over the top with cussing, gore, and sex. It was a little out of the element the I like about Deadpool and I ended up a little dissatisfied with the game and looking like this:

    I mean YAY! there was a Deadpool game but eh, kinda redundant and polarizing because that really wasn’t the Deadpool I expected even though it was funny all in one. Oh well, right? Now don’t get me wrong:

     I mean killing is what Deadpool does. Its not really ever gory but he gets the job done. I mean he has 3 different mini series that have “Deadpool Kills” in the title. That says a lot from Marvel comics to give his character a free reign like that to do about whatever he wants. The movies are a little different the object of comic book movies is not to entertain but to make money for the studio and if the viewer happens to be entertained in the process, good that’s a bonus.

      But as for now we are still waiting, still playing that game of when. Still waiting patiently for a movie that brings the biggest and fastest growing person from the X-Men universe to the movie screen in a correct form. We’re still even holding out hope that it will be Ryan Reynolds (personally I’d rather it be Nolan North) that graces the end credits scene or cameos in an X-Men movie so we can have assurance that we will be getting this done. But until then I have one thing to say to 21st Century Fox and more specifically Laura Donner:

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rheet Rheese who is the Writer/producer of Deadpool needs your help & Support. Everyone can lend a helping hand. We need to get ‘Deadpool’ made and Mr. Rheese is conducting a twitter campaign to urge the studio to get on this beloved project! So here’s how you can help. 

Thanks for all of your help & Support in Advance! Let’s Make This Thing Happen!


Thank Deadpool It’s Friday

So this happened…

DEADPOOL – Official Test Footage [HD] Ryan… by movietrailerz

Deadpool Omnibus

Also it has been a year since the greatest Deadpool run was realeased fully in an Omnibus. That run’s author Joe Kelly. That’s right all of Joe Kelly’s Deadpool Volume 1 (or 3 depending on who you are) is available in a HUGE OMNIBUS!!! that you can find at your local Comic Book Shoppe or on or even at Barnes & Noble.

     Joe Kelly’s Run would make a pretty darn good Deadpool Movie. So I was thinking you know Marvel could easily get ahead of Fox by putting out Animated Movies that could contain many different storylines such as Deadpool: Sins of the Past or Deadpool: The Circle Chase. Then I got to thinking yeah I am a Ryan Reynolds fan but Nolan North will always be Deadpool to me. He was the first Deadpool voice I ever heard in Marvel Ultimate Alliance and then the Marvel Animated Hulk movie.

     If they were going to make the Deadpool: Sins of the Past or Deadpool: Circle Chase animated movies; who would be the voice actors?

Deadpool:                               Nolan North

Banshee:                                 Simon Pegg

Siryn:                                        Kelly MacDonald

Juggernaut:                            Tom Kane

Black Tom:                              Billy Connelly or Alan Tudyk

Commcast/ Black Box:         Naveen Andrews

Weasel:                                     Justin Bartha

Slayback:                                 Steve Blum

Copy Cat:                                Megan Fox

Dr. Harmon Killebrew:        Kelsey Grammar

Tell me what you think! Would you change any of my Castings for these 2 Animated Movies?

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday


     Special Thanks to Sideshow Collectibles for bringing this 1/6 scale Deadpool into the world. This will be an EPIC WIN win the Deadpool community out there.


Here it is featured at SDCC 2014 via Emily

Also… Kotobukiya has announced a Deadpool Statue that is based off of the current Marvel NOW! costume he wears. Here are some pics of the statue… Thanks to Deadpool Bugle for the pictures.

Here is the Marvel Super Hero Masher of Deadpool due to hit shelves anytime.


Also if you are looking for an artist that captures the essence of Deadpool very well I recommend that you check out artist: Gavin Smith

Here is a Deadpool that I bought off of him and it is hanging on my Deadpool wall at home where it belongs. I highly recommend Gavin, he is an awesome artists and great guy!


Thank Deadpool It’s Friday

Thank Deadpool Its Friday!

    …And it couldn’t have come one day sooner!!! Its been one heck of a week and this guy needed a Chimichanga break! Thanks to the Merc-with-a-Mouth they are a staple of many nerdy diets! A lot of things have been influenced by our friendly Merc Deadpool, there are so many merchandising facets that are being driven with Deadpool’s face on them it is hard not to see him any where you go. Especially cosplay at Comic Conventions around the world.

    If you are looking for a website that is All Things Deadpool than you should shoot on over to my friend’s page The Deadpool Bugle. For the longest time he has brought you anything and everything Deadpool and the site has grown exponentially as Deadpool’s popularity has grown in the Marvel Comic Universe. Anything from a complete list of every comic Deadpool has ever appeared in, to a list of upcoming books Deadpool is in. Many many articles come through the Bugle and any information you have about Deadpool all you have to do it just send it and you’ll get credit.


    There are a lot Deadpool Merchandise out there. You can find a lot of it at,,, Walmart, Hot Topic, and especially eBay. Everything from Zippo Lighters, Throw Blankets, and Stress Balls to Pint Glasses, Sun Glasses, and Fridge Magnets. Also everything you can think of in between.

     You should head on over to the Deadpool Bugle and check out all of the news and information that they have over there. Also follow them on Twitter @DeadpoolBugle for information as well. There a lot more Deadpool fans than there were 23 years ago to say the least, and sometimes I am a little bitter that there are so many because he used to be a cult type following, but the bright side is… He is everywhere for a good reason, some of the best writers ever have taken a turn at him and they have each helped to build up his awesomeness. Thank you to Joe Kelly, Gail Simone, Daniel Way, Fabian Nicieza, and Gerry Duggan.

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday!

    I have been trying to think of a Friday Blog for about a year now, and then while I was just surfing on Twitter it hit me… Thank Deadpool It’s Friday! What a wonderful blog for me especially do do, and super appropriate given my history with this character. So here it is the first #TDIF of So Nerdy It Hurts.

    Here is a little bio for ya on the Merc-With-A-Mouth from one of his truest biggest fans. Deadpool aka Wade Wilson is a character who first made his appearance in New Mutants #98 written by Rob Liefeld and drawn by Fabian Nicieza back in 1989. At the time he was a very minor character based off of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) from DC comics and Peter Parker (Spider-Man) from Marvel comics. He was a nemesis of X-Force and more specifically Cable. After New Mutants ended with issue #100 and the moved to become X-Force starting in 1990 Deadpool followed them all over and became a C List villain making an appearance every 10 issues or so.


     Deadpool got a couple of his own mini series in the very early 90’s called Deadpool: Sins of the Past and Deadpool: The Circle Chase. He was given his own enemies making him more of an Anti-Hero instead of a true villain in the Marvel Universe. Deadpool: Sins of the Past starred Deadpool and aligned him with X-Force heroine Siryn making her a love interest for the new protagonist. He is pitted against Black Tom Cassidy which is Siryn’s cousin and The Juggernaut which is Black Tom’s closest ally. Deadpool: The Circle Chase also had Siryn, Black Tom, and Juggernaut in them but brought in Comcast (Who would play a HUGE roll in Deadpool’s life in the late 1990’s) and reintroduced Toliver into Deadpool’s life.

     After the great success that both of these mini series brought Marvel Comics Deadpool was awarded his own ongoing series to be ran by Joe Kelly and it was announced with Wizard Comics running a #0 comic to break the news. Issue #1 came out in 1998 and ran into a couple of snags along the way but made it all the way to issue #69 where Deadpool was killed. The run was finished off by the amazing Gail Simone who took the Deadpool name over to another book Agent-X. Deadpool made his reemergence in the Agent-X book and I will go over more about what happened in future #TDIF blogs.

     Since this time Deadpool has been a staple in the Marvel Comics Universe and doesn’t look to be going anywhere. He gains more and more popularity every year. Marvel has given him countless mini series and ongoings that he is making a foothold in the Universe that will make him more durable than almost any character they have.

     In the future of this Thank Deadpool It’s Friday series I will go over so many things Deadpool that if you didn’t know about him before, somehow, then you will be an expert by the end of it. Look for this #TDIF next week when I go more into Deadpool’s comics weight after the Agent-X run.