Friday Night Fights: Wolverine v. Batman

Nerd MGMT Friday Night Fights:
Wolverine v. Batman



  • Adamantium Skeleton and Razor Sharp Claws
  • Super Human Healing Factor
  • Worldwide Martial Arts and Weapons Training


  • Very Wealthy and has access to almost any weapon on Earth
  • Martial Arts training and weapons
  • Gadgets and Gizmos

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Nerd MGMT Friday Night Fights: Scarlet Witch v. Wonder Woman

Nerd MGMT Friday Night Fights

Marvel’s Scarlet Witch v. DC’s Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman:

-Amazonian Demi God

-Skilled Hand to Hand Combat

-Super Human Strength

-Truth Lasso and Invisible Plane

Scarlet Witch:

-Mutant Witchcraft powers


-Super Human Intelligence

Who Wins this Matchup? Let Us Know Who Wins!