WWE Fantasy Booking SDLive Week 1

Smackdown Live! Week 1

Smackdown Live! from Cincinnati, OH

– Sami opens Smackdown Live! already in the ring and mic in hand ready to explain himself to the WWE Universe. Pacing back and forth nervously he asks the WWE Universe if they know why he attacked the ref in his last match? He said, “well I’ll tell ya!” I am sick and tired of being looked over. I have been here for years now and all I’ve won is the NXT Championship, but here on the main roster… nothing and I am sick of it. I thought this was the land of opportunities? Well I guess it was another lie by Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Just then DBry and Shane O Mac appear at the entry way to Bryan’s Music, the entire arena chanting, Yes! Yes! Yes! Daniel lectures him for a minute on being a true underdog and getting on the good side with he fans. He told Sami he was almost there, he could feel it. Shane explained to Sami that he never lied to him, he told him that he could come to Smackdown Live and earn everything, he just needed patience. Shane also told Sami, Yes Smackdown Live! may be the Land of Oportunites, but its also the Land of Accountabilty for Your Actions and you will be punished for what you did to that ref.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips discuss the ramifications that Shane may have in store for Sami Zayne.

Match 1: It’s A New Day, Yes it is!                                                   2 Stars

– New Day start cutting a promo on the way to the ring, all 3 dressed in cowboy outfits. As they get about half way down they are attacked by The Usos. In the mele it seems Big E is seriously injured and has to be carted to the back end of the show. Security and the wrestlers make their way to the ring to start the match. Originally it was to be Kofi and Big E but not Xavier will have to take his palce in the match. The match gets a few minutes in and the Tag Team Champions look bored, Xavier is whipped into the Usos corner and Jey Uso hits hit with a chair that he grabbed from the side of the ring. Ref rings the bell and delcares The New Day the winners, and Kofi attends to Woods the Usos swagger away.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips mention that Big E is seriously injured and that it was not a part of the show. He looked really bad.

What has he Done?

– We see DBry and Shane talking in the locker room as they pass Kevin Owens taping his wrists. Owens says something really snarky and DBry takes offense to it. Shane grabs Kevin’s arm as he starts to walk away and tells him to wipe the smile off his face because he has a match tonight against Sami Zayne. Kevin looks confused, and asks Shane, “Why would I do that? Why would I wrestle my Tag Team Partner?” Just then Sami come flying up and levels DBry and Owen’s takes out Shane.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips talk about how strong of a team Owens and Zayne will end up being in the WWE.

Match #2                                                                                         2 Stars

– Ascension v. Hype Bros. is a good match with some good wrestling, but nothing short of a filler match with no storyline.

They’re BACK!

– Harper and Rowan are seen on the Titantron cutting a promo announcing their return to the WWE Universe as the Tag Team Bludgeon Brothers. They announce that they will leave a path of destruction 10 times worse than before and no one is safe from them.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips really go out of their way to put Luke Harper over after the segment.

Smackdown Live! Women’s Title Match                                             1 Star

– Natty comes to the ring with her title, cuts a small promo about how its her time and she shouldn’t have to defend her title outside of a PPV. She says Charlotte shouldn’t have been given this opportunity because she didnt earn it. Charlotte makes her way down to the ring Wooing and showboating the whole time. Grabs the mic from Natty, kicks her and says bow to your Queen. The match gets started quickly, and Natty slaps the ref in the face forcing the DQ, and she high tails it out of there.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips remind everyone that Smackdown Live!’s PPV Main Event is this Sunday from Orlando, FL.

Match 4: Ellsworth Saga Cont.                                                         3 Stars

– Becky and Carmella have a very good match that was interupted shortly by James Ellsworth. Becky puts him in the Becksploder and launches him out of the ring and wins with the Disarmher against Carmella.

Good bye, Can’t See You Around

– John Cena announces to the WWE Universe that he is retiring 1 Championship shy of the record because it was never about the championships it was always about performing for the WWE Universe.


Greener Pastures

– Jason Jordan announces to his tag team partner Chad Gable that an opportunity has come up that he can’t pass up. He is going to RAW so that he can accomplish his goals. Chad Gable looks devistated but understands but the 2 hug it out in the locker room area.

United States Open Challenge

– AJ Styles is seen in the ring cutting a promo putting over John Cena and explaining why he is bringing back the US Open Challenge. He finishes by opening the ring to ANYONE in the locker room to chellenge. Just then the arena goes dark and violin’s hit. NAKAMURA is answering the open challenge. AJ looks excited to face his old friend again. Nakamura gets down to the ring and starts to enter just as Luke Harper hits him with a Sledge Hammer. Harper is completly destroying Nakamura with the sledge just as AJ comes the rescue, Rowan catches AJ mid air and choke slams him onto the stairs. AJ and Nakamura lie motionless on the outside of the ring, while Rowan and Harper are in the ring with Luke Harper holding the US title in the center.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips are almost speachless as the logo appears.

WWE Logo appears, Fade to Black.


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