WWE 2K18 Fantasy Booking Week 1 RAW

WWE 2K18 Fantasy Booking


Raw Week 1                                                                     May 2017

Raw from Indianapolis, IN

– Alexa Bliss opens the show with a Promo about how she is the one true Goddess on RAW and she deserves the RAW Women’s Championship and not The Boss Sasha Banks. She feels disrespected by Sasha and she demands a title opportunity. The Boss’ music hits and Sasha appears at the entrance but before she can say anything she is blindsided by Nia Jax. Alexa laughs and makes jokes about how she doesn’t look like anyone’s Boss right now but looks like Nia’s “Something that starts with a B.”

Michael Cole and Corey Graves discuss what just happened as they go to commercial.

1st Match of the Night & Promo to Follow                                    1.5 Stars

– Roman’s Music hits and the rain of boos starts as he makes his way to the ring. Big Cass’ music hits and he comes out with Mic in hand. He cuts the music and cuts a promo as he heads down the ramp. He says he doesn’t need Enzo to be popular with the crowd, “Hell I’m a million times more popular than YOU are Roman!” The crowd goes nuts. As Big Cass is entering the ring the Ref sounds the Bell. Roman agitated hits a Superman Punch (Pre-cocked) to Big Cass and he falls out of the Ring. Roman wins, once the ref hits the 10 count on Big Cass. Roman is getting booed pretty heavily as he exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp. The Boos stop however as Dean and Seth appear behind him. Crowd chanting Shield, as the 3 say nothing but put their hands together at the top of the ramp, the crowd ignites into a frenzy.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves express their shock at the events that just unfolded! A Shield Reunion right before their eyes.

Promo of the Supernatural

– Bray Wyatt comes out and says that no one in the WWE Universe can stand toe to toe with him. Sister Abigail has given him powers that no MAN can handle. He calls on the roster for someone to challenge him because he is getting bored with everyone. Just then the Arena goes dark and BALOR CLUB flies across the Board. Finn Balor’s music hits and the crowd goes absolutely insane. Finn comes out and starts his promo about how he may be a man, but a man that knows where to find a demon. Bray laughs and the screen flashes Bray’s cut scene. Screen comes back and Finn is all alone in the ring and Wyatt is on the screen now. Bray says he does not fear Demon’s since he knows that Demon’s fear Sister Abigail. Cut Scene happens again and when we are shown the ring again Finn is laid out and covered in Blood.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves cannot believe their eyes and remind people that there is only 3 weeks left in RAW’s next PPV WWE Payback.

Miz TV & Match #2                                                                            1 Star

– The Miz is in the ring with his Miztourage and Maryse explaining how he has no guest this week, because no one wanted to come on his show. After the crowd was done laughing he explain its because everyone that comes on gets embarrassed and beaten up. At this moment Curt Hawkins music hits and Miz and his Crew start laughing hysterically. As Hawkins comes down the ramp explaining why he is going to take the belt off of The Miz at WWE Payback, The Miz quips back and says “Who the Hell gave you a shot at this prestigious Title?” At that moment Kurt Angle’s music hits and he appears to an encore of “You Sucks” from the crowd. Angle tells Miz, he’s the HELL who approved the match for WWE Payback. Hawkins makes his way to the ring because Angle also cancelled Miz TV and made a match. The Miz furious, attacks Hawkins as he gets in the ring and hits the Skull Crushing Finale, makes the ref ring the bell, pins Hawkins, and leaves in a fit of rage.

Heyman Hustled

– Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar make their way to the ring with Paul Heyman talking the entire time. He’s got his catch phrase and panders the crowd even more. Heyman goes on to say that there is no current #1 contender for the WWE Universal Title so why does his client even need to be around for a while. He announces that his client will not appear on WWE TV until he is needed. RAW GM Kurt Angle’s music hits again and he comes out, makes a quick joke about how this is the most he’s worked in a year. Says to Brock, I’ll miss ya ole buddy, if I didn’t already have a plan in place. Heyman interrupted Kurt with a couple of one liners, and Kurt interrupted right back. Let me cut you off there, Dangerously, both lock eyes with each other. The smarky Indianapolis crowd goes nuts, I said I have a plan. Next week on RAW, there will be an 8 Man Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Universal Title, and finishes off with Oh its True, it’s DAMN TRUE.

Michael Cole emphatically reannounces the Battle Royal next week, made by GM Kurt Angle for the #1 Contender slot for Brock Lesnars WWE Universal Championship.

Match #3                                                                                        .5 Stars

– Darren Young is already in the ring is waiting for his opponent when a giant growl comes across the arena. Braun Strowman appears and looks pissed. He makes it about 1/2 way down the ramp when he is blindsided by Samoa Joe. Joe lays Braun out and he rolls down the ramp to the ring. Joes disappears into the crowd as Braun lay there, Darren Young gets out of the ring and tried to pick the Monster up to get him into the ring. Braun reverses it and slams Darren Young down there on the mat. Braun gets up and pursues Joe through the crowd. The match is awarded to Darren Young via forfeit.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves discuss how menacing Braun is and how stupid that probably was by Samoa Joe to do.

Bayley v. Bliss                                                                              2.5 Stars

– Alexa Bliss comes out for her match against The Boss Sasha Banks, she is followed by Nia Jax. She gets to the ring and waits. Sasha is a no show, Bliss grabs a mic. “Well it looks like Sasha isn’t coming, I hope nothing happened to her.” Screen shows what happened earlier in the night. Alexa and Nia are laughing, I guess I don’t have anyone to fight, just then Bayley’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy. Alexa looks mad, and throws a little fit. Bayley gets to the ring, the bell rings and the match starts. Bayley has things wrapped up, but Bliss tosses her outside the rings and distracts the ref. Nia destroys Bayley and throws her back in, where Bliss lays on top for the win.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves talk about how despicable that was by Bliss.

Finn and the Impromptu Match                                                       3 Stars

– Finn Balor is seen in the ring cutting a promo about being blindsided by a madman, covering him in fake blood just to make him seem supernatural. Finn tells Bray, I will show you what real demon’s are capable of if you can come out here and face me man to man. Bray appears at the top of the ramp and tells Finn he is the stuff that fuels nightmare’s. He tells him he is brave for wanting more tonight, and tells him that he will get what’s coming to him when the time is right. He tells everyone that he has scared Kurt Angle to his core, and he asked him for a match with Finn tonight, and Kurt said yes. So here comes the last match of your career Finn, If I were you I would RUN! Bray attacks Finn in the ring. The 2 fight each other fiercely until Finn Gets the upper hand and hits the Coup de Grace off the top rope to win the match.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves no sell anything that just happen and remind people once again there is 3 Weeks until the WWE Payback PPV.

New Guy destroys the Man with a Family                                       .5 Stars

– New signee Pete Dunn squashes Heath Slater doesn’t say anything just stands over Slater with the UK Title in his mouth.

Main Event                                                                                   3.5 Stars

– Dean Ambrose accompanied by Seth Rollins make their way down to the ring. They are both wearing the RAW Tag Team Titles around their waists. They get to the ring and The Bar appear at the top of the ramp, Dean v. Cesaro is about to begin. Sheamus escorts Cesaro to the ring, both of them really cocky about this match. Cesaro grabs the upper hand early but Dean rebounds. Sheamus, sneaks up to Seth and knocks him out with a chair to the back. Dean is helpless and gets put in Cesaro’s spin move. Cesaro accidentally launches Dean into Sheamus who had his back turned next to the apron. Dean is able to recover and hit some signature moves. Dean hits Cesaro with the Dirty Deeds and pins him for the win. Shemus attacks Dean immediately after the pin and double team him with Cesaro. Seth recovers and saves Dean by hitting Shemus with his Knee Strike. All of a sudden Roman’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Sheamus and Cesaro are both down, the trio pick Cesaro up and triple power bomb him on top of Sheamus. The crowd is completely crazy at this point and the show ends with the 3 reformed Shield members standing over The Bar with their fists together.

WWE Logo appears, Fade to Black.


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