Pokemon GO & Connect with Your Kids

July 6, 2016 the Day the 1990’s got into a Tardis and stepped foot 20 years into the future. Niantic Labs (Ingress) a small App based gaming company aquired the rights to make an App game version of the hugely successful and popular Nintendo franchise Pokemon. The game as we all know is Pokemon Go.

The game features a GPS based navigation system, which mean you have to “Go” and leave your home to play. In fact you have to make your way to different areas to catch different Pokemon. This game is based on Generation 1 Pokemon which was introduced in America in the late 1990’s.

This game also introduced another opportunity beyond catching all 151 original Pokemon, it gives even the most closed off individuals a chance to get out and meet new people. Let’s face it, when we were kids Pokemon was huge, and its back. Parents who loved Pokemon in the 90’s and even through today on the Nintendo DS games as well as the popular card game; can share their enjoyment with their children. The gamer base on this ranges from 6-60 from a straw poll on Reddit’s R/PokemonGo page.

I have taken this opportunity to share a common interest with my 6 year old son who had never heard of Pokemon before I started playing this game, but now loves them so much that he even is building his own out of Legos and naming them. He has some old Pokemon trading cards from the 90’s as well. He even watches the Original Indigo Leagues on Netflix. Needless to say that he is so happy right now with this new little world of Pokemon that this game has done more than it probably set out to do and I am very thankful for it.