Psychic Hotline: Ulysses

From Nine to Five: Super Powers, Normal Jobs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have super powers? Yep me too, but what would it be like if the people in our every day lives had super powers too? What if it were so mundane and ordinary that everyone on Earth had a power and they had to go on living their everyday lives like it were no big deal? What current comic book superheroes would be best suited for normal blue collar jobs? That is the question at hand and each Monday I will bring you a different job that people hold everyday and I will suggest a few different Superheroes and/ or Villains that would be best suited for those jobs. I hope you enjoy, because this weeks job is:

Psychic Hotline: Ulysses

What a way to use his Inhuman powers! All he has to do is pick up the phone and charge you 19.99$ per minute and he is printing money. With powers like these his phone will be ringing off of the hook. That is if the gov’t will let him walk away from his current job of preventing crimes before they happen Minority Report Style in the pages of the Marvel Summer Event Civil War 2.


Most of the times the psychics are full of crap, except for Miss Cleo obs, but Ulysses is the real deal. Just ask She Hulk and War Machine… oh wait you can’t. Yikes! Better late than never I guess. Well if he can bust away from his current job he would make a killing working the hotlines just call 1-877-Wut-Cud-B.

Babies, Life, and Being a Nerd

Trying to balance an online presence while being a father and a friend isn’t always easy. Finding a balance between being a good husband, father, friend, and blogger is a difficult balance to maintain. Most of the time my online identity is what falls behind but that is ok, because that is the priority I have set in life. My family comes first and with my newborn baby girl, I have not been able to do much lately, and my friends come second but I am sure they feel that is a distant second. I try to do as much as I can with my Nerd Management brothers but alas I fall behind. Luckily they understand as well.

The good thing about an online blog is that it will always be there no matter how many times you quit and then go back. It always waits for you just sitting there waiting for you to tell it what you want to say. Some people have a lot to say and some people have a little. Some people have followers that care and some people just put words into the vastness of space. Either way, its there waiting for you.

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged and we will see what I have to say and how much I will be able to say it in the coming time. Just a reminder for those who remember, is no longer around but we can be found on soundcloud with season 7 coming up and on facebook as Nerd Management.