Deadpool Movie Review

For a movie that was made for fans this movie stands up on its own two feet. This movie has teeth and uses them to bite its way into your hearts. Normally a movie made solely for fan service you would not expect such a high caliber movie, but Deadpool hits on all cylinders and gives you all out extreme violence, vulgarity, nudity, bloodshed, humor and everything else we all wanted from this movie. Ask and ye shall receive.

The test footage we all saw 2 and a half years ago, starts out the film with some additions that make it even more fantastic. The slow motion action scenes really drive home the feeling of a panel by panel sequence from the comic books.  The constant 4th Wall breaking, really brings Deadpool to life. There are a few points in the movie where you would think that it might get a little repetitive but it bails itself out with a hilarious joke or gratuitous violence and you forget Wade has been talking just to you for a few moments.

The amount of Easter Eggs and references to other Marvel and Fox properties is enormous and not at all overwhelming. They are all well placed and well written. There are aspects of Deadpool and the people he surrounds himself with from every era of Deadpool from the Comics. There are strong ties to Fabian Nicieza with Ajax being the main villain, Joe Kelly with Weasel and Blind Al, Gail Simone with the overarching love story, Victor Gischler with the vulgarity and the Team Up aspect with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus, Jason Aaron with the nudity and violence, and Daniel Way’s way of making Deadpool seem insane but his plans always work out in the end. If anything this movie was a great homage to all of the people who have defined Deadpool.

This movie is as much Ryan Reynolds as it is Rob Liefield and it is a true tribute to the fans because it has everything you could have asked for. The origin in this movie is pretty close to the Minus One, One Shot that came out about 12 years ago but we are missing some important players such as Dr. Killebrew but easily substituted for him was Ajax as the mastermind. Having the X-Men in this movie was amazing, but then to find out it is only Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead at first was a bummer until it wasn’t. By far NTW stole the show with those 2 and Colossus really held his own as a leader.

Deadpool went from this 1 shot villain in the pages of a dying franchise of New Mutants to a headlining name in the Marvel Comics roster. Showing up on the second issue of the Newly launched X-Force facing off against Weapon X Garrison Kane, and making a huge name for himself Deadpool was a hit. Little by little, year by year he got more appearances and more books. He has grown as a character exponentially until he is the pure gold minting character that drives people to cosplay by the thousands every year at conventions around the world. Deadpool is a phenomenon and this movie is an homage to his fans, Every. Last. One.

As a true fan, from the beginning. As a 1st grader who picked up New Mutants 98 off of a turnstile at an IGA in Jamestown, IN. I whole-heartedly give Deadpool a 10/10 and recommend all of you to go see it as well.