Legends of Tomorrow: Underwhelmingly Excellent

Part 1 of the Pilot episode of the DC Comics TV Show Legends of Tomorrow was Excellent. It was nothing less than exactly what needed to happen. The hype and the build up for this show was immeasurable. People have been talking about this for over a year as new details emerged and cast announced, we waited with baited breath.

Well, here it was. It finally came, the premiere. I was not able to watch it live, but the first chance I got once my wife fell asleep on the couch was to grab a drink and turn on this new show. I sat there and watched, everything I could think of unfold, with cameos and jokes; and action, and British accents. The first 10 minutes alone were better than Arrow had been the last season and a half. But I sat there and thought, is this it? Just excellent? Thats all?

About half way through act 2, I am thinking we could get a huge surprise, I think that we are going to see something Extraordinary. But the only thing we got was plain, amazing. I tried to convince myself, something was building. So as the episode almost finished, and we have already gotten our Action, drama, comedy, great acting, camaraderie building, dance montage, and TIME TRAVEL!!!! I realized there was no hidden surprise, no catch, no hook. DC and the CW had built an amazing show that didn’t need a gimmick. It took the trash, the refuse from The Flash and Arrow and built a concrete and amazing show. It took characters that no one should care about really, and added a time traveling Rip Hunter from the future and turned this show into the No 2 show on the CW behind The Flash.

A truly amazing feat from the mind of Greg Berlanti and the CW/DC Comics crew. This show gives you nothing more than exactly what you ask for.


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