[Speculation] Did Fox Change the Final Cut of FF on Purpose?

So based on current numbers compared to projected numbers on the opening days of the Fox movie The Fantastic Four directed by now embroiled director Josh Trank (Chronicle), some might speculate that Fox could have something up their sleeve. Based on the tweet by Trank, that was quickly deleted, that says:


It seems as if Fox was not ready to put what he made into the world. Why is that. What would Fox have to gain from this? Well Fox is currently in negotiations to produce an X-Men TV Series based on their movie universe. As we found out earlier the TV rights are not as easy to interpret as the movie rights that Marvel sold 20 years ago. So how would Fox bring any leverage to the table? What about a dead franchise, whose movie just completely tanked to start off its box office run?

Fox could leverage their Mutant Universe and go “all-in” on the X-Men by offering that never acclaimed Fantastic Four movies up as tempting fodder to the almighty Disney-Marvel Gods.

Again, pure speculation, but what do you think?