Marvel is Losing Faire with Its Fans

With the announcement of the Secret Wars redeux coming in 2015, which takes place right after Marvel’s time runs out, there are noticeably a few characters left off of the promo poster. There are no Fantastic Four or X-Men characters anywhere, yet there are 4 Captain Americas, 2 Thors, and 2 Iron Mans. This coupled with the “Death of Wolverine” and the cancellation of the Fantastic Four book next year and the watered down X-Men presence in the Marvel Universe right now has sent many fans thinking, “What are they thinking?”

From the constant fervor on the internet and the clear line drawn by Marvel/ Disney in the sand against Fox Studios it is clear that the fans want their Fantastic Four and X-Men back. Marvel/ Disney don’t care, they only care about hurting Fox’s chance at promoting the characters that Marvel sold the rights to legally. So who is this hurting? Fans, which in turn hurts Marvel and they deserve it. I hope the entire staff gets fired and they have to come grovelling back to its fan base.

Agents of SHIELD 0203: Making Friends…

Agents of SHIELD 0203: Making Friends and Influencing People
     Once again this show has hit it out of the park, that is 3 for 3 on the season. However, once again, the ratings for the show have never been lower. This means even though this show is phenomenal they still can’t bring the people back that gave up after season 1. That is unfortunate because so far this season can compete with any other like genre show on tv right now.
      That being said, they reverted a little bit back to unknown characters as the main plot surrounds an asset from season 1 that share a common friend in Fitz and Simmons. We see Simmons under cover with Hydra but by the end we are left doubting the undercover part. The writing on this episode was the strongest so far but they chose a couple things in a sloppy way that didn’t make sense. This added with the fact that there were no known Marvel characters but a strong Hydra overtone makes this an overall good episode but not great.
     You definitely need to see this episode to continue the story arc, it seems like they have a great angle going and I am genuinely looking forward to next week’s episode which only happened 3 times in season 1. There are rumblings online of people saying that this show is full of cliches and is tired and weak, and that is unfortunate that they would be so thick to not actually watch the show, since it is so refreshing from season 1. Besides what is a good ABC show without a little bit of cliches thrown in? I will give this episode a 4/5 with a must watch label.
Rating: 4/5
Notes: Must Watch