Thank Deadpool It’s Friday

So this happened…

DEADPOOL – Official Test Footage [HD] Ryan… by movietrailerz

Deadpool Omnibus

Also it has been a year since the greatest Deadpool run was realeased fully in an Omnibus. That run’s author Joe Kelly. That’s right all of Joe Kelly’s Deadpool Volume 1 (or 3 depending on who you are) is available in a HUGE OMNIBUS!!! that you can find at your local Comic Book Shoppe or on or even at Barnes & Noble.

     Joe Kelly’s Run would make a pretty darn good Deadpool Movie. So I was thinking you know Marvel could easily get ahead of Fox by putting out Animated Movies that could contain many different storylines such as Deadpool: Sins of the Past or Deadpool: The Circle Chase. Then I got to thinking yeah I am a Ryan Reynolds fan but Nolan North will always be Deadpool to me. He was the first Deadpool voice I ever heard in Marvel Ultimate Alliance and then the Marvel Animated Hulk movie.

     If they were going to make the Deadpool: Sins of the Past or Deadpool: Circle Chase animated movies; who would be the voice actors?

Deadpool:                               Nolan North

Banshee:                                 Simon Pegg

Siryn:                                        Kelly MacDonald

Juggernaut:                            Tom Kane

Black Tom:                              Billy Connelly or Alan Tudyk

Commcast/ Black Box:         Naveen Andrews

Weasel:                                     Justin Bartha

Slayback:                                 Steve Blum

Copy Cat:                                Megan Fox

Dr. Harmon Killebrew:        Kelsey Grammar

Tell me what you think! Would you change any of my Castings for these 2 Animated Movies?


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