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Nerd MGMT Top5’s: Super Hero Vehicles

Nerd MGMT Top 5’s: Super Hero Vehicles

What vehicles piloted or driven by Super Heroes are your favorite of All Time? Anything you can think of, if a Superhero has driven it its in!!!






Thank Deadpool It’s Friday!

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday!

     Just in case you don’t subscribe to Deadpool and Friends on Youtube I highly recommend that you check it out. The channel is a cartoon like Mugen cut and paste comedy featuring our favorite Merc-with-a-Mouth in various crazy situations and helped out by a slew of other Mugen Marvel characters. There are PSA’s by Deadpool himself as well as sketch type comedy featuring Wade himself.


Deadpool #33 came out and while the story was great the overall feel of the book is off as we see “Artist” John Lucas continuously vomit onto the panels and then make his inkers go back over it. It is a shame that this good story line is hard to swallow because you have to look at the art in this book. We can only hope that Lucas run is almost over.

     Deadpool Guantlet #6 came out as well and this is some art that people should get behind! Reilly Brown and Scott Koblish are amazing in this book, and has made a lackluster story hide its flaws with flawless pencils and ink. Amazing!

     The X-Force variant of the Kotobukiya Deadpool looks pretty solid and the color scheme on it looks pretty awesome. Nothing short of amazing when it comes to their statues.

Deadpool is featured in a .gif promo for upcoming Marvel event Axis. The interview with Rick Rememender makes it seem that Deadpool plays a very huge roll in the Axis Storyline. My theory on this is that it involves Cable (One of the many) and Apocalypse.

Throwback Thursday: Danger Mouse

Throwback Thursday: Danger Mouse


     For those who don’t remember Danger Mouse was an English cartoon on America TV that was a parody of British Spy Novels and shows like James Bond and Danger Man. He has a sidekick named Penfold who is with him always. It was on Nickelodeon in America in the late 1980’s into the early 1990’s and we will be getting a reboot of the show coming in 2015 from CBBC. It will feature 52 11-minute episodes and will come back to the Nickelodeon Network in America to run in between shows similar to the new Mickey Mouse short toons (Drawn by the Ren and Stimpy folks) for Disney right now.

    There were not a lot of toys that came out for the original Danger Mouse but I have a feeling that will change with the new incarnation of the British Spy Mouse and his sidekick Penfold.

Here is the episode Danger Mouse and the Orient Express

Woman Crush Wednesday: Wonder Woman

Woman Crush Wednesday: Wonder Woman


     Princess Diana has been around since 1941 and she has been a staple in the DC Comics brand for every moment since. A pillar of strength and great intelligence Wonder Woman has been the longest running female character in Comic Books history. She embodies the feminist agenda for DC Comics and her character is the lone female in a league of men for most of her history. A strong female and a strong hero makes her a formidable foe for any DC Comics villain, man or woman.

     She carries with her a lasso with the powers to make anyone tell the truth, and bullet proof wrist bracelets. She flies in an invisible plane and can kick anyone’s ass. She has stood toe to toe with many DC villains and most importantly she has help her own in a business that is dominated by men, which may be the biggest fight she has ever faced. The character has withstood many reboots from the Warner Brothers Company but being that she is a part of the Holy Trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) that is huge for her and any little girls that look up to her.


     In the 70’s Wonder Woman was portrayed by Linda Carter on TV, and even given the time Linda did a great job of personifying what Wonder Woman is and was to women in comics. Now in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and movies going forward Wonder Woman will be played by actress Gail Gadot.  This was contraversial because there were many big name actresses fighting for that role, but the part went to relativly unknown Gail. She is scheduled for a part coming up and then a big feature in the Justice League movie.

Depression and Getting Help

In lieu of a blog post yesterday and today I am going to take this time to point out that the world lost a famous person yesterday to a disease known as depression. Depression has been in our lives for as long as we can remember but until yesterday it has kind of taken a back seat to many other high profile things in our media. Well maybe that will change now that the world lost Robin Williams to the disease and with taking his own life he may have finally shown the light that the world needs to see on this illness. Maybe now many preventable suicides around the country will go unfulfilled because someone notices a change in their behavior and gets the support they need.

It was sad that he passed away, but I can only think that maybe it was in an ultimately higher purpose to help the world notice depression and help those afflicted with the disease. Maybe this was his Martyrdom to get people the help they deserve. So I write no Nerdy Blogs yesterday or today because Depression is nothing to be overshadowed and it is something that you should pay very great attention to, because it can literally hide in anyone and everywhere in your life.

Nerd MGMT Top 5: Movie Sequels

Nerd MGMT Top 5?s: Movie Sequels

Thats right it doesn’t have to be Comic Book or Nerd related. What are your Top 5 Movie Sequels of All Time? Let us know below!