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2014 Indy Pop Con

So my day at Indy Pop Con at the Nerd Management Booth was pretty awesome. We got to meet some fantastic local and national artists, podcasts, and celebrities. We are in Booth 847 of you are in Indianapolis for the Convention you should swing by and meet the Nerd Management guys. I will not be there the next 2 days, Today was my time to shine.

We were stationed across from a very talented voice actress Elspeth Eastman (No relation to Kevin Eastman) you can catch her on her website or on Twitter @elspetheastman



Warner also got to meet Bad Luck Brian who was in the booth next to us. The guy was actually pretty awesome and really down to earth. I am surprised to see how open he is about the life that he has fallen into, but I guess if I was in that situation I would make the best of it as well.


Check out these 3 Podcasts!!!


Crit Confirm

Billy & Brandon Watch Movies



All 3 podcasts are really awesome. We hit it off right from the start and listening to their podcasts, they would be awesome for you to subscribe to.




Is DC Really Going to Let Marvel Beat Them to the Punch!?

Really? A Black Widow Movie Before a Wonder Woman Movie?

     It doesn’t matter what DC does to get it done, they have to make a female superhero movie before Marvel. They cannot loose the battle to the box office while holding the Ace. Wonder Woman is a franchise title for decades and only recently has Black Widow became anything more than a D list character. Marvel is building a Monster and DC is answering pretty soundly in every aspect except for this one. The world needs a Wonder Woman movie before a Black Widow one.

Little girls everywhere are waiting desperately for a superhero to call their own, some too young to remember Linda Carter and others too old to know who Gail Gadot is. Nerdy and Comic book fan women everywhere are waiting for the one movie they can set their sights on and it looks like Marvel is going to beat DC to the punch even though DC has the better female lead. For some reason DC is reluctant to pull the trigger on the movie and they are letting Marvel win without even putting up a fight.

I know Wonder Woman will be featured in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie and they are waiting for that to pounce on, but they shouldn’t wait too long or the world we know will be enamored with Black Widow and DC will have missed the boat completely with an A+ asset like Wonder Woman.

New Comic Book Day: May 28, 2014

What Books I’m Excited About

     Kind of a light week for me this week, especially since last week was pretty heavy. Only 2 books are going home with me. Deadpool #29 which is an Original Sin tie-in, and Guardians of the Galaxy #15 which features Captain Marvel.

     The tag line for Deadpool #29 by Gerry Duggan is: What did he see? It seems to have to do with Deadpool’s parents and another origin story for the Merc-with-a-Mouth. So far the tie-ins for Original Sin have not held up to the Main Series itself, so we will see if Duggan and Posehn can break that streak.

     Guardians of the Galaxy #15 featuring Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) written by THE BENDIS machine; continues the story line of Starlord missing. Captain Marvel steps into help the Guardians, since right now they are all wanted for treason against the Shi’ar. This looks like to be first class writing and art like it always is. I am anxious to see who they put on the book after the movie comes out when they move Bendis to something else.


Nerd Management Subscription Contest: May 27 – June 1

Nerd Management

Subscription Contest

May 27 – June 1 2014

How to Win!!

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Deadpool T-Shirt XL

Venom T-Shirt XL

The Flash Retro Snapback Hat

Infinity #1-6 complete set

Hulk #1 signed by Mark Waid and Mark Bagley

Winners will be announced June 2 2014!!!

Indy Pop Con May 30 – June 1 Indianapolis, IN

Indy Pop Con 2014

     Here we are its finally here, the largest and best Comic Book/ Pop Culture Convention in the Mid-West. Running from May 30 – June 1, 2014 here in Indianapolis. After the Indianapolis Comic Con exploding in its inaugural year and the success of this show, Indianapolis is growing into a major player in the Convention circuit.

     Check out their website here: INDY POP CON

     Our Nerd Management Podcast has a booth 487 on Podcast Alley at the convention. I will be there this Friday from Noon to 4 pm. And the rest of the Nerd Management Crew will be there the rest of the weekend; Warner, Alec, and Rob.


So Nerdy’ Interview with Victor Gischler

I had a moment to interview one my favorite Deadpool writer’s Victor Gischler. He is an award winning Novelist and a freelance comic book author writing for Marvel, Darkhorse, and Dynamite.


Mikel:           You are known for doing novels as well as comic books. Some of your more famous novels are Gun Monkeys, Shotgun Opera, and The Deputy. Do you have a specific novel you are most proud of? Was there one that you enjoyed writing more than any other?

Victor:          “A fair question but a bit hard to answer.  Different novels represent different things to me and different stages of my career.  GUN MONKEYS was nominated for an Edgar Award and launched me as a novelist, and GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE was me just letting it all hang out and saying “screw it, I’m going to write the most fucked up novel I can.”  Still … my first love as a reader (when I was a kid) was the fantasy genre.  So my novel INK MAGE was a book that was years in the making, something I’ve been wanting to write ever since it occurred to me to even be a writer.  I knew eventually I wanted to try fantasy and I finally did with INK MAGE.”

Mikel:          You have done many comic books for Marvel such as Deadpool: Merc-With-A-Mouth, Deadpool Corps, X-Men, Punisher Max. You have also done some books for Dynamite and Dark Horse such as Buffy, Conan, and Noir which you are still on. What are the main differences in a large company like Marvel compared to a smaller more independent company like Dark Horse or Dynamite? Do you like working with one more that the other?

Victor:          “Sometimes an editor keeps a pretty tight grip on what I’m doing … other times they turn me loose.  But I’ve found that changes from book to book, not publisher to publisher.  No matter the size of the publisher, they still want to put out the best, most professional product possible.  I will say that working with Dark Horse has allowed me to put out some creator-owned things like CLOWN FATALE and KISS ME, SATAN, and that’s been very rewarding.”

Mikel:               As a huge Deadpool fan that is how I was introduced into your work, do you find that many people associate you with your run on Merc-with-a-Mouth and Deadpool Corps or do people recognize you more for your novels? Does that bother you? Which would you like to be known for more? Comic Books or Novels?

Victor:             “People seem to recognize me more for my comic work, but that’s usually because I’m at  comic convention or a store for Free Comic Book Day or something like that.  So it’s natural.  I don’t really do a lot of book events anymore.  I’ve had people say “Oh you also write comics and not just novels?” and vice versa.  It just depends on how readers first stumble across my existence.  I’d like to be know for good, entertaining stories … be they comics or novels.”

Mikel:               Okay final question you have been nominated for the Edgar and the Anthony Awards and you have a PhD from Southern Miss in English so you are well acclaimed. If you could have one job in the world other than being an author What would it be and why?

Victor:              “Mayor of Epcot”

Mikel:                What projects do you have coming up that you are excited for?

Victor:                 I’m currently the season 10 writer for Angel & Faith which is an exciting challenge, and I have a irreverent B-movie post apocalypse book forthcoming from Titan called Sally of the Wasteland.

Mikel’s X-Men: DOFP Review (Spoilers)

X-Men: Days of Future Past 10/10 GO SEE IT!!!

Going into this movie, with all of the hype and hoopla being made over it; and even the Hardee’s ads featuring some of the cast, I still had high hopes. That sometimes is a scary thing to do; going into a large budget movie with high hopes makes you feel a bit like Icarus. But I will tell you what, these wax wings held up! This movie starts off intense and continues to hold you until don’t even realize that you just set through 2 hours and 15 minutes of the Best X-Men Movie EVER! Yep, better than X2!

The movie started off in a fight sequence with some new characters mixed in with some old favorites from the original X-Movies. Bishop, Blink, Warpath, and Sunspot were all introduced. And I might add, were 100% accurate to their comic book counter parts. I have no idea, if that has ever happened with ancillary characters in the X-Men Franchise of movies. Iceman and Kitty Pryde were 2 of the original X-Men who were leading that team. The fighting sequence in this was tremendous. The future Sentinels were so great and masterfully designed.

After the initial fight and you can see that Kitty has the ability to send people back in time, the future groups of mutants are joined in China by Professor X, Magneto, Storm, and Wolverine. They go through the spiel about needing to go back in time and save the world, more specifically to stop Mystique from killing Trask and causing everything that is surrounding them.

This movie at this point has a great narrative throughout it. That narrative is redemption. Everyone wants to redeem their past, in order to create a better future. A great narrative is one that can transcend multiple story lines and reveal itself in many different moments of the movie. We see it with Professor X, we see it with Beast, we see it with Magneto in the future, we see it with Mystique at the end of the movie, and we see it in Wolverine in every single scene in the movie. Redemption is a heavy sword through out this movie, and the post credits scene with Apocalypse shows that because in the comics he can travel through time, to redeem himself anytime he fails.

The acting in this movie was flawless, especially by Peter Dinklage and Michael Fassbender. Both portray their characters perfectly. I loved the anguish on Magneto’s face as you can tell he has no remorse for the things he is doing because he knows it is for the betterment of his kind. Peter Dinklage has the same look on his face as Boliver Trask knows what he is doing is for the betterment of all humankind. There is a point where is first introduced where he is reading an excerpt from one of Professor X’s papers where he says that humans drove Neanderthals to extinction because they were weaker. At that moment he and Magneto become the perfect embodiment of one another and their paths were to cross no matter what timeline that they fell within.

The final scene of this movie was the greatest, and as much as this movie was great, what Bryan Singer did was perfect. There are cameos be a few “X-Men” that wrap this movie up quite nicely with and basically say most of X2 and all of X3: Last Stand never happened. When they came onto the screen Oh Man it was so awesome. Jean, Scott, Rogue, and Beast all made their cameos. This movie wrapped up very nicely and from what I saw, the X-Men franchise is set for a very bright future!

10/10 Great! SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

A Treasure Returned Home

Agent-X is Finally Home

     About 2 weeks ago I told you a story about how I had found the owner of a once cherished action figure that I had to part with for personal reasons here So Nerdy It Hurts – Kyle Robinson Agent X and So Nerdy It Hurts – There Are Still Awesome People Out There. Well thanks to that amazing person I was reunited with this figure that is so close to my heart. Thank you so much Jaime! I am truly in your debt and it was so amazing to open that package I was overcome with joy! Once I get him situated in his place on the shelf. I will post more pictures of it where it truly belongs!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1