Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 0120: Nothing Personal

Agents of SHIELD Coulson: Nothing Personal

2 episodes left in the season and it is safe to say just like many Joss Whedon shows it is finally making its way into greatness after making such a slow start. “Nothing Personal” starts off with Agent May finding Agent Maria Hill while Hill is talking to Pepper Potts on the phone walking in New York. Hill played by Colby Smulders drops some names from the Marvel Universe like Man-Thing mainly as Easter Eggs for fans of the show.

May enlists Hill to help Coulson and reveals he is up at Fury’s secret base in Canada because it is feared the Alexander Pierce is responsible for TAHITI and Coulson may be inadvertently Hydra without knowing or wanting to be.

Back at Providence Coulson, Fitz, Simmons, and Agent Tripp are struggling to find out answers about where everyone went. While looking around Fitz stumbles upon a note left by Skye that reveals that Ward is Hydra just as Simmons find Koenig’s dead body bleeding from the ceiling. With Fitz freaking out and Simmons doing the autopsy on the body, it is determined that Ward is the killer and Fitz starts throwing and crashing around not wanting to believe Ward could do this. It was a very heavy scene and one great proof that this show has come a long way.

While sending Hill with Talbot to Providence to get Coulson, May is seen digging up a grave and retrieving a USB device from it and returning to her car. She plugs it in to her laptop and the scene fades back to the grave and it is revealed that it is Coulson’s grave that she dug up. Pans back to her laptop and shows “CLASSIFIED for Fury’s Eyes Only” She presses play and is startled.

Skye and Ward are seen in the original diner from episode 1 where they all first met Mike Peterson, and she starts stalling while sending information to local police about Ward while cops are in the building. She gives Ward a long speech about loyalty and being a good person, finally the cops make Ward and start to take him, he breaks free and chases Skye into the street. Deathlok (Mike Peterson) is there waiting on her, they are get onto the bus and fly away. On the plane Skye berates Ward again calling him a Nazi, and spitting at him. But as Deathlok shoots Ward with a device that stops his heart, Skye agrees to help if Ward can live.

Coulson sneaks onto the plane to try to save Skye while Hill and Tripp try to stop Ward from flying the plane. As the plane takes off Coulson finds Skye and gets her into the Cargo, they jump into Lola the red convertible and drop out of the plane to safety. A couple of missed shots by both Ward and Deathlok allow Coulson and Skye to escape easily.

Coulson starts to realize that SHIELD is no more, and is never coming back. They are sitting around a motel telling stories and swapping notes. All Coulson can think of is his team. He goes to his room and May is there waiting for him. He tries to apologize and May stops him. She says, “You’ve got to see this.”

May pops the USB into a computer and it is the Classified item from earlier. She presses play and it is Coulson. It is revealed that Coulson was Fury’s lead on TAHITI, and the message was from Coulson to Fury saying to abandon the project because even though the Alien’s blood cures the victim, the side effects are not worth living. Madness, psychosis, and violence is the side effects and the only way to get around it is to erase and replace the patient’s memory.

So Much Great TV Right Now

Golden Age of TV

Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hannibal, and the rest of the list goes on and on and on. How have we gotten so lucky enough to get this great TV when for so long it was just all Reality Shows? I think we have paid our price to the TV Gods and they have returned our sacrifices with an almost unlimited supply of great programming for Nerds and TV enthusiasts alike.

Lets start with HBO: Game of Thrones seems to be taking the world by storm. Almost everyone is talking about it, and the story lines ripped right from George RR Martin’s books. Veep, a high powered comedy; True Detective, a deep crime drama; and so many more that hit different people’s taste buds. Who could want more from a cable premium channel?

Next up we have FX and AMC blasting shows such as American Horror Story, The American’s, The Bridge, Bates Motel, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead. All of which are smash hits. We lost Dexter and Breaking Bad last year, but with those losses we see more hits coming. The History channel has a Game of Thrones like hit with Vikings and The Bible.

Network TV has great shows as well for Nerds and TV lovers: The Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, Under the Dome, Once Upon a Time, Agents of SHIELD, Big Bang Theory, Revolution, Hannibal, Modern Family, Parks n Rec, Brooklyn 99, Arrow.

Netflix is also bringing great programming back with the resurgence of Arrested Development, and hit shows such as House of Cards and  Orange is the New Black. Netflix annouced the deal with Marvel to bring super hero shows to the network in 2016, and that was a huge annoucement.

According to TV Guide out of the top 100 rated shows on TV; I reccomend almost 30% of those shows and most of which are on basic cable. So when you think to yourself next time, “Man nothing is on TV” actually there is a ton of great programming that I think you would enjoy.

What Does it Mean to be A Nerd?

For me being a “Nerd” is nothing derogatory, nothing voracious, nothing sinister. To be I love being a Nerd because I know I am doing things that I love. Being a Nerd has in the past been synonymous with bad things, with unpopular and taboo inclinations. Being labeled a Nerd was not a way to be included into most social circles. But now a days being a Geek or a Nerd have pop culture behind them backing the names up with different things coming to mind for each person.

The best thing about being a Nerd is the camaraderie that I have with various different people. I have met my very best friends in the world because of being a Nerd and liking nerdy things. The best man in my wedding and I use to play Magic the Gathering and read comics, and more recently the great friends I surround my self with are all Nerds with me. My brothers in Nerd (if you will). I am proud of the things I do, and I have lost many things over the years, from either growing older, or to paying off debts, or to just changing tastes to what my nerd-dom entails, but one thing stand tall above all else. Being a Nerd and being proud of it is one thing I’ll never change.

I have talked to several people over the past couple of days and it seems that the term Geek and Nerd now are interchangeable and that is fine. Who cares? Call yourself whatever you want to as long as you have the passion for what is in your heart. A friend of the blog Devin expressed to me via text that being a nerd, “Is hard sometimes not because people think its lame but because not very many people can talk to me about the things I am passionate about.”

I for one know how he feels, the Nerd Management guys are the ones I get to rant and rave to but other than them its pretty slim pickens. Another fellow Nerd commented on the state of affairs regarding how Nerds/Geeks are portrayed in the Media, ie: Big Bang Theory. “I don’t really mind the show, I don’t watch it all that often. What I have seen kinda annoys me because we dont all act like that.”

Many Nerd Managers will agree, I however don’t hate the Big Bang Theory, in fact I watch it every Thursday. I quite like it. There are a lot of things that go into being a Nerd but Shame should not be one of them. Be proud of who and what you are no matter what anyone says because, at least here at Nerd Management, you will always find a place to call home.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 0119: Only Light in the Darkness

Agents of SHIELD Coulson: Only Light in the Darkness

                After 4 really good episodes this one took a turn back to where they had been before the big Hydra reveal in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This episode was still really good but it didn’t have that “thing” that the last few have. Don’t get me wrong I have loved this show since the pilot but even fans know when something is off and on in their shows.  This episode will get a 3.5/5 from me and included a nice little B to C level baddie Blackout (Marcus Daniels).

Episode starts out with the crew hanging out in Providence, the SHIELD base that Fury set up just-in-case, and ward comes in through the blast doors as he had been on a side mission. He is sitting in the infirmary getting stitched up and telling so wildly unbelievable story about the “Fridge” getting taken over and how he stopped Garrett and killed him. All of which Coulson and the team eat up except for Agent Koenig (Patton Oswalt) seems a litter weary of.

Coulson wants to take a team to stop some prisoners who have escaped, because Coulson, and he remembers one prisoner in particular; Marcus Daniels. It is revealed that Marcus Daniels was stalking Coulson’s girlfriend in Portland and that is where the two met. As this is showing we see Marcus Daniels steal a truck from a man after touching him and stealing his energy. Just as we see this Coulson says to his team that Marcus Blacks out his victims with one touch and of course Skye says I bet they call him Blackout.

Before the team could leave Koenig says they have to take a lie detector test and then we get a funny montage of all of the team (sans Ward) taking the polygraph and saying funny and stern answers. Then Ward gets on there and only Koenig and Ward are left and of course there are plot devices and reveals that ends up with Koenig asking Ward with a gun pointed at him if he is Hydra and why he is there. Ward escapes by revealing that he came back for Skye and that he cares for her. Camera pans after he passes and he pulls a nail out from under his thumbnail. CHEATER!

Coulson’s team of Tripp, Fitz, Simmons, and himself leave for Portland and that leaves May feeling out in the cold, and Ward with Skye staying behind with Koenig in the  base. May storms off and leaves after fixing the Bus and she is last seen in the episode pouting and walking through the Canadian wilderness. Meanwhile Ward and Skye share an intimate moment where he reveals that his older brother was the one who made Ward kill his younger brother and that is something he has never gotten over . Ward tells Skye that he is evil and he doesn’t think he will ever come back from it, and then they kiss.

Skye is alone as Ward sneaks up on Koenig and kills him so that Ward may take Skye on what he is telling her is a mission for the team to use the hard drive to help bring people back to justice. But Skye finds Koenig’s body and seems to realize Ward is Hydra. She struggles a bit until it seems that she has a idea of her own and goes with him willingly.

Blackout sneaks up on the Cellist at a performance but Coulson and his team are waiting on him. It is revealed that is was enhanced by SHIELD Hydra with the “Dark Force” to be almost invincible. While he is a B/C list villain in the comics the fact that Hydra was playing with the Dark Force links almost directly to the CAP 2 stinger about Strucker’s comments with otherworldly weapons. The acting a dialogue in this show sometimes is lacking and hokey but the build up and storytelling is phenomenal.

Coulson who is desperate to once more save the woman he loves, uses 3 guns built by Dr. Bruce Banner and after giving a funny quip uses the guns on Blackout and after a few moments disintegrates into pure Dark Force and flies away. Coulson runs to the Cellist and tells her he loves her but when her eyes open its Simmons standing above her. Coulson is not ready to tell the woman he loves that he is still alive.

There are only 3 episodes left and next week’s “Nothing Personal” features Colby Smulders’ Agent Maria Hill and Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) as General Talbot who infiltrate an already deserted Providence.



Marvel’s Blackout (Marcus Daniels)

Arrow: Too Good for Their Own Good?

Arrow: Too Good for Their Own Good?

                We all know how good the hit CW show “Arrow” is, but is it too good for Warner Brothers’ DC Comics Movies? We all know the comparisons to the other “Comic Book TV Shows” but what are the ramifications of this show against other DC Comics movies? Warner Brothers are building a great fan base and allowing Arrow to grow and be its own thing. But maybe just maybe that isn’t DC’s best interest.

The Man of Steel happened during Arrow’s first season, so there was not a real crossover type of hype that there was earlier this year, after Stephen Amell tweeted a photo of the cover of Justice League #4 creating a giant whirlwind of speculation about whether or not he is in the Justice League movie coming in the near future.

This single tweet and the world after shows just how big Arrow is for WB and DC; the fans are showing more support and more excitement about this TV show and actor than the Batman v. Superman movie (by destroying the internet about Ben Affleck as Batman). Many other casting for the movies have come under fire especially since big wigs at WB/DC have said no TV actors will be crossing over.

And then came Grant Guston as The Flash to Arrow, and his presence on the screen and already with Stephen Amell, the internet exploded again with fervor towards these movies. Slowly but surely I feel that TV DC is overtaking Movie DC universe as the popular within fans. Warner Brothers cannot even for a second lose ground to Marvel  when it comes to the movie universe.

Something probably needs to give, no matter what WB/DC will not give in. They will not back down and give in to what the fans want, out of pride and by trying to show the fans whose boss, they will alienate and lose out on some success. Marvel is building a giant, that the only real way to fight is to listen to the fans, but will that happen? No. But should they? Absolutely they should. Amell should be Green Arrow, and Grant Guston should be The Flash in the movies because that is the right choice.

Deadpool is Finally in the Right (Temporary) Hands!

Cullen Bunn’s Deadpool is great and Poshen/Duggan’s Deadpool is getting Stale

                First off I want to say it seems that everything Cullen Bunn touches seems to be gold. Magneto #2 was just as heart wrenching as issue #1 and you immediately get to jump into the psyche of Magneto to see how he is living with his demons and coping with the world around him.

Carnage v. Deadpool started off great and kept to the madness that lives within Deadpool’s head. We see Deadpool talking to the TV and getting his “orders” from random channels and then sets out to search for Cletus Kassidy whom had just murdered a whole dinner full of customers. Both Carnage and Deadpool seemed to have good humor in the panels they were on, it keeps true to the Daniel Way style of Deadpool from the late 2000′s Deadpool and right on track with what Cullen Bunn is doing with all of his Anti-Hero books.

Poshen/ Duggan’s Deadpool #26 is a throwback issue with art by Scott Koblish. This is very similar art that was in Deadpool Minus One with art by Aaron Lopresti. Terrible story about Cable/Deadpool/Nick Fury Sr. fighting a Hitler that is in the future. It is clearly just a placeholder issue until next month’s Deadpool #27 “Deadpool Gets Married” which I am guessing will be a 3 arc and end on issue 29. Posehn/ Duggan originally signed on for 30 issues and the way Marvel is going they will probably cancel Deadpool at 29 and relaunch it as a 3.99$ book since it is still at the 2.99$ mark and sales dip every month.

It is exciting, as a fan of Deadpool, since collecting him after I saw him in New Mutants 98 and then following him through the X-Force runs, and his own series by Joe Kelly, and then Gail Simone. Daniel Way’s abortion of a series did catapult him however into the mainstream, and the first couple of Duggan and Poshen’s issues were good, but I see Deadpool faltering again. Sales are proving that. Let’s see if Cullen Bunn can revitalize the Merc-with-a-Mouth and possibly get his own Deadpool run to go with his great Magneto Book.