Month: March 2014

TMNT: Not As Terrible As We Thought?

Michael Bay’s Garbage Covered Oversized Kung Fu Turtles!?


Ok Ok Ok a little harsh, I know… Michael Bay only maybe knows this movie exists, and that he help render and design a couple of fight scenes; but man his name is polarizing in the Fan Boy world. Even if his name is attached people freak out! My first thought after seeing the trailer was… Ok yeah maybe this won’t be the train wreck we have been lead to believe it was going to be for months. Even though it has Megan Fox in it, it seems like they have a good ground base for their story and since they aren’t Aliens that is 100% better than initial information.

Ok as for the trailer, great action and great witty comedy. The man who becomes Shredder (William Fichtner)  is narrating the whole trailer and he reveals that April O’Neil’s dad and he created the Turtles. Throughout the trailer you see Eric Sachs [Fichtner] staring at the Shredder armor, like he was peering into the soul of himself.

We see April (A LOT) in the trailer as well as Leo and Mikey up close and Donnie and Raph in an action sequence. Mikey gets in a good joke at the very end, and we see April faint. The Turtles look just like the leaked pics of the Action Figures. All of them seem to be dressed in derelict clothes that looks like they found in the garbage cans.

Overall I still think this will be a disaster, but not because Michael Bay is attached to it; or because of the design; or even because of the storyline. There is just something about it, I can’t put my finger on it, that is just off a bit. It will definitely be worth going to in the theatre, but I don’t think it will be loved by true fans.


Video Games v. Comic Book Cannon

Can you just create a major villain in a video game after 50+ years of Character Development in the comic books and expect him to be welcomed with open arms? The video game creators Rocksteady Games says, “YES!” With the success of Arkham Aslyum and Arkham City, Rocksteady Games looks to bring Arkham Knight to the forefront; both as a great game and a sinister Villain.

But back to the question; how or why do creators think they can just create a new villain outside of comics and have them placed right into mainstream cannon. Alec Ward co-creater of Nerd Management and host of Point Blank Games Review here on the Nerd Management Network is a video games enthusiast who has played all of the Arkham games. Alec adds, “I’m beyond excited for them to return to this franchise. If the character (Arkham Knight) is really well put together and flushed [out] then I would be happy to see him in [the comics].”

Warner Swopes co-creator Nerd Management also reminded us, “Harley Quinn was first introduced to us in the Batman Animated Series.” She is now a wildy huge character. So yeah if the character is good and fans love them they can probably make the jump from Video Games or Cartoon and go to the comics and become a canonized character in the lore of the mythology.

This all circulates around this character being a good or great character if they can make the jump to the comics. But does DC even what this character to make the jump? Is it a current villain that dons a new suit in the minds of the Rocksteady development? No one knows until this amazingly visual of a game Arkham Knight comes out.



Where Have All the Good Actors Gone?

Where Have All the Good Actors Gone?

     Prevelant in the movies this year as shown at the Oscars, there is a trend growing in Hollywood. A trend that is seeing the talented actors and actresses moving in a certain direction, a direction that no one in the industry really saw coming. The move from the Silver Screen to the Small Screen. HBO, Showtime, Netflix, and even Network TV Channels are stealing the Star Power from the Movies and putting them on TV shows.

     How is this possible? Why would actors do this? Wouldn’t they want to make the most money possible? Yes and that is just what they are doing. The money and the exposure from TV shows is astounding and the contracts are getting just as big as movie contracts and the amount of face exposure for each of them is through the roof. Netflix and HBO have all time high subscriptions and Network TV is super high too.

What does this have to do with things that are Nerdy? Well just being a Nerd doesn’t just mean comic books and card games, it is obsessing about anything. You can Nerd-Out on anything and that is ok. This applies to this topic because, What do you think that the landscape of Comic Book Movies will be if the actors are moving more toward the small screen? What will this do for storylines of the movies. Will we see an influx of Comic Book Source material moving smaller…. YES and it has and is happening right in front of our eyes. Smallville 10 years ago, Cartoon shows with A list voice actors, Arrow on the CW, Shield on ABC, the New Gotham series on Fox, and the Billion Dollar Netflix series’ from Marvel starring various characters.

The small screen is no longer the right word, because that world is getting huge and it is bringing a lot of big names to it in both actors and characters. We will see a invasion of many different ways over the next few years, and dont be surprised if a lot of Hollywood A listers are on your TV set a lot more often. Especially since True Detective on HBO is such a big hit. Look out TV here comes Hollywood.