Month: February 2014

Toy Fair 2014

With New York Toy Fair schedule to kick off on Sunday February 16th we have already seen a large collection of Toys that will make their appearance there. 5 point articulation Retro Action Figures, New TMNT, DC Collectibles with an all new line, and many many Lego sets. There are so much more Toys already announced or slated to be announced that this may very well be the best weekend in Toy News for many many years.

Big thanks to ToyNewsi   for breaking many of these Toy stories for us and reporting them on their website. You should swing on over to see them for yourselves. Whether you are into 3.75″ or Pop Vinyls or Transformers or TMNT or SO MANY MORE!!!!! you will not be disappointed this year. It seems that many many different companies are finally getting into the smart game of adhearing to collectors and kids alike.

ReAction Figures or Retro Vintage 5 Pointers are going to sweep the Nation in 2014 and you better believe anything that is a Pop Vinyl will be a ReAction Figure so look out! What will you collect?

For all of your Toy News check out ToyNewsi or Nerd Management or So Nerdy it Hurts  on Facebook.


Agent’s of SHIELD Getting the Nod

Only needing to maintain a 1.2 among 18-49 year olds and having a 2.2 average for the season Agents of SHIELD looks like it will get a 2nd season. What does that mean for the fans of the show and what does that mean for the fans that left the show over its content? Will we get to see bigger names? Will we get to see better story lines? What do you think is next for the polarizing show that you either hate or love.

The ratings are undeniable, no matter what you think of the show it is getting watched and that means money and money means more of the show. There is a good thing about this situation, the producers are showing that they listen to fan and are including more and more things that the fans want. Bigger names, better acting, better story lines, and who know whats else. So whether you like it or not it looks as if we will be talking about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD again next year and maybe beyond.

February: Its Villains Month (And that might be racist)

The Evil Month of February Has Finally Arrived: What Villain Are YOU!?

      Marvel or DC or Other? Please apply within. What villain do you relate to. You know what I am talking about. You read the comics, about the hero always foiling someone’s evil plans, and winning the girl. Well what happens when the villain gets the last laugh? Do you dispatch with the hero altogether or do you simply play a fun game of Anti Hero for a bit?

If you could be a villain in the comic book universes who would it be? The Joker maybe, diabolical and sadistic all-the-while crafty and psychotic. The Riddler who is super smart but has a chip on his shoulder about who owes him what. Maybe you’d be Magneto because you think that you are better than everyone else and that it is time for your voice to be heard above all else. Although you could be an unconventional villain, you could be Cobra Commander, Skeletor, Deadpool, Arcane, Dracula, or the Devil himself. The sky is the limit.

I personally would be Galactus, the World Devourer, the Unconquerable, the Unquenchable Thirst that Lurks from the Beyond. Maybe Galactus is a metaphor for the greed and corruption in our world that has a manifestation of a Giant Man who devours whole planets. Who knows but now that it is villains month, who will you be? Make it a good one!

Super Bowl, TMNT, and A Big Winter Storm

This Week… Come and Get It!!!

     Wow what a week. Starting today we have the Super Bowl featuring… Nah I won’t bore you guys… I know that Nerds who also love sports are the minority around here. But for Alec and Myself love the Colts and Sports so maybe you’ll get a taste one of these days.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are all new today! 11am on Sundays is the New Time Slot for the Mean Green Fighting Machines but is that good or bad? Last thing I heard their ratings were through the roof, but why would they have moved them to a Sunday time slot? Is there something we should know good or bad? Or does Nickelodeon know what they’re doing?

It was a great episode featuring Casey Jones in a large portion of the show and oh man Easter Eggs galore! I recommend checking this episode out if you haven’t already. Speaking of TMNT the latest wave of Figures, Vehicles, and Playsets are out. Casey, Squirrelanoid, Mutagen Man, and the Vehicles are at TRU while the new Playsets are at Target. Get them while you can because they are already flying off of the shelves.

Are you ready for this week in the Midwest because apparently another massive storm system is moving through and threatening a few Toy Hunting Excursions for some of us. It will be awesome to get some great weather in here so hunting for all of these figures wont be so dangerous.