Month: December 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy: A Success Already

Guardians of the Galaxy: A Success Already

            With James Gunn (Slither) at the helm of this franchise; once billed as Marvel’s Star Wars… Until Disney bought the rights to… Star Wars; Guardians of the Galaxy looks better and better with every tiny tidbit of information spilled about it. Chris Pratt (Parks n Rec) as Starlord, Zoe Saldana (Avatar) as Gamora, Bradley Cooper (Wet Hot American Summer)as Rocket Raccoon, Vin Diesel (Boiler Room) as Groot, and David Batista (WWE) as Draxx it is star studded to say the least.

A Lot of information has come out about this movie so far and I am on the edge of my seat every time new information come out about it. Especially as this official image released shows the main cast in a line up essentially in trouble (Who’d a thought!?)


Scale and Missing Figs

Why Scale is Not Too Important Anymore, and WTF are the Human Android Kraang?

Playmates is single handedly proving that building Action Figures to scale is not that important, and collectors will buy the figures not matter what. Sales of the Nickelodeon TMNT line is through the roof and no one is more excited about that than I am.

Ever since I was a little kid collecting TMNT in the early 90’s I have loved these little green turtles, and when the Abominations that were the 2000’s line I have wanted retribution in the form of a great TMNT line. Well that has happened and they are now going into their 3rd year.

My biggest concern though is the blatant disregard of scaling by Playmates. Some figures are perfectly scaled and some are arguably the most frustrating toys on Earth. Metal Head being shorter than Mikey is amazing and I thought we had turned a corner with this issue until Dawgpound and Leatherhead came along and pushed back the importance of scaling for this line. As the figures grow more and more popular with the success of the show on Nick we will see just droves and droves of new figures with scale thrown out of the window.

We have some upcoming figures showing up in 2014 and their scale looks as if Playmates has finally told us that they don’t care and neither should we. Kirby Bat (Wingnut), Mutagen Man, Squirrelnoid, and Rahzar will all be about the same size and they are all very different heights in the show.

With all of these great figures out and announced a few have eluded us so far. Humanoid Kraang bodies, Karai, General Tragg, and more fan favorites are nowhere to be seen. We have seen some screen shots from a Walmart order screen placed to Playmates and they are exciting!!! I mean Robot Foot and Deep Cover TMNT but no Karai or Tragg? Come on! This line will be around I feel longer than the original and it is only picking up steam. But they need to bring out the big guns and get some fan favorites out on the shelves.

Felicity Has to Die: Probably by Solomon Grundy

Good Bye Felicity: Sad to See You Go

     Arrow was spectacular this week. The 1st appearance of Barry Allen who will later become The Flash couldn’t have went better. Awkward, Young, and Desperate to find out answers about his mother’s death; Barry Allen shows up to help investigate a robbery at Queen Industries.
     Immediately Barry and Felicity hit it off, almost too fast. Every seen we see with them is more and more tense and it builds up to a kiss that Barry backs down from. With this interaction between Felicity and Barry it got me thinking. How is the Justice League going to be able to form? What will be the deciding factor in bringing at least 3 of these TV heroes together on the small screen to be the TV version of the Justice League. Felicity.
     She is the friend of Green Arrow, and Lover of the Flash; Felicity will have to die at somepoint to bring these 2 together with a common cause to stop Brother Blood. Most likely since The Flash has a Pilot episode next season Felicity’s death will come at the season 2 finale of Arrow. This is sad because she is so hot and a great sidekick to Ollie. He does have Dig though so that is another reason Felicity is so expendable.
     Who knows they may not do it that way, but she is the most common denominator between the 2 and somehow there will have to be something that brings them together. Lets hope I’m wrong but lets face it (unless you ask my wife) I rarely am.

Spoiler Alert!

Spoilers: What Gives You the Right?

            It is so hard to avoid spoilers if you miss your favorite TV show, comic book new release, or latest movie you weren’t able to go see at Midnight. In the age of DVR you would think that people would be less apt to “Spill the Beans” when it comes to spoiling what happened this past week on a show or in a book or in a movie. But what gives them the right to plaster this information all over the place.

It even shows up in Media coverage, it’s like they get a kick out of spoiling the endings or certain parts of the things we love the most. It is almost a contest on who can sneak spoilers into everyday life. If you miss Walking Dead, or Sons of Anarchy; If you miss the latest comic and can’t read it immediately, or you weren’t able to get to the Midnight release of the latest movie; You are going to have a long day avoiding the internet.

But again who do people think they are not putting the obligatory Spoiler Warnings before their posts or news reviews. It is common courtesy to so this so that you know not to read what they have to say. But most of the time now they have… “Oh My God, did you see…” with not (Spoilers) in front.

As more and more people act Nerdy and for some they become it, they do not know our way of life. They are not fully acclimated for our lifestyle. We hold Spoilers sacred as a community and it is slowly molding into a shoot first with information society instead of our traditions of spoiler warnings. I love spoilers I loved to know what I am going into so I can spend the rest of the time hunting for Easter Eggs instead of having to focus 100% on the story. But for most of us being Spoiled is no laughing matter.