Month: October 2013

New Comic Book Day (Spoilers)

New Comic Book Day! (Spoilers)


Well we all know what day today is… Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike… What is today? Come On! Ok, New Comic Book Day! Every Wednesday Nerds all across the world rejoice that their favorite books come out at their local comic book stores and bodegas around the globe. Here in Indianapolis it is Comic Book University on the Southside as the place to get books.

This week we had some gems from Marvel including the books I am reading Infinity #5, Guardians of the Galaxy #8, and Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4 the final issue of the miniseries. DC Comics stepped up to the plate this week too with Swamp Thing Annual and Nightwing Annual, both were really great as well. I will go over my favorite 2 books this week but make sure you check out all of them.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect display of Francavellian art. Everywhere you turn there are crisp line and beautiful spacecraft floating through space. Franco Francavilla has really come to play this go round. This wasn’t the best written Guardians this year but it was solid in the Infinity storyline and had a few good laughs.

Starts out with Starlord and Gamora arguing about who should have killed Thanos when they got a chance to, the light dialogue is masked by the excellent artwork in each panel. The Guardians soon get a distress call from the direct of SWORD and hatch a plan to save her. While there they get ambushed and attacked and almost captured. During this sequence the ships in space and the characters drawn into each page are so magnificent that you forget this isn’t Bendis’ best script for an issue. Just as the issue is coming to an end and you think the Guardians are going to be taken prisoners (again) Angela breaks through the wall and in such a great way Francavilla creates heaven on the page.

Infinity #5 of 6 was the other great book this week. The Infinity and the war for Earth get moved along quite a bit in this issue and it starts off right where 4 left off with the Terrigen Bomb having just been detonated by Blackbolt’s voice. Millions and Millions of dormant Inhumans around the globe are mutating and manifesting their powers. One of those is Thane son of Thanos.

Thane’s power is reveled to be Death Incarnate in his left hand. He is tricked into a containment suit by the Ebony Maw and given to Thanos as a tribute. The issue ends with the Kree, Skrull, Shia’r, and the Human Avengers making their way back to Earth for the final Battle with Thanos.

This will tie directly into the next Event Marvel will throw at us; Inhumanity. These are some of the great book that came out this week. I recommend picking up these, and also the Swamp Thing and Nightwing Annuals as well as the finale to Deadpool Kills Deadpool ( I think the Panda will be a new villain) you won’t be disappointed.


Assassin’s Creed IV: A Franchise Has Lifelined

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (Pass!)


Ever since playing as Altair in the first Assassin’s Creed I fell in love with the storyline of Desmond and the Assassin’s trying to save the world from Abstergo. I loved the game play and it was so fluid and fun, it was unlike any other game I had ever played. A few glitches in the original but the story and play more than made up for it. Being a history buff and a religious studies minor in college, the Holy War aspect at the centre of the story really drew me in.

It quickly became my game of choice as Assassin’s Creed 2 (AC2) came out introducing Ezio as the main historical Assassin replacing the aging Altair in Desmond’s flashbacks. Better game play and fixed bugs made AC2 the quintessential game to date for my repertoire of gaming.

With Brotherhood and Revelations following more story from Ezio through Desmond and the crew fleeing from Abstergo the game kept drawing me more and more in. The Game play getting better and better and the storyline so much closer to perfect than any game I have ever played.

Assassin’s Creed 3 came out and changed everything. Not the best storyline, you had to play as a Templar without know knowing it to start off. Then the majority of your time you don’t even know who the Assassins are until a frail old man guides you a little ways. The hunting and free roam were lack luster and it almost was as if the franchise took a step back.

The creators added the Sailing/ Piracy feature into AC3 to try to get people to play different styles. This caught on a little bit but was more confusing and hard to navigate than I was used to from a once great franchise. So I avoided it at all costs, I skipped intrical parts of the storyline as much as I could and it made the game feel different than I thought it should.

The way it ended with Desmond, and the final secret mission at the end made me feel like I was done completely with the franchise. It ended on Dec 12, 2012 and that was supposed to be that. Well here comes Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag which dropped last night at midnight and it features Pirates and the sailing the open water scene that made me cringe from AC3. So I said no and I will pass on my old flame. I am done with Assassin’s Creed and it’s unfortunate because I once considered the franchise my favorite of all time.

Monday Feature: Nerd Management

Monday Feature: Nerd Management Podcast


Nerd Management or @NerdMgmt on Twitter is a Podcast created by Warner Swopes and Alec Ward as a medium to feature various things that are considered Nerdy in our world. The Podcast was started in the basement of one of their homes as just Warner and Alec and has grown considerably in size to include a regular cast of 5 with special guests appearing each week.

Additions to the cast include Warner’s wife Tiffany Swopes who runs the Twitter account and Facebook Page during Podcasts; JustinSmith and Chris Banta who are co-producers of the Nerd Management Podcast. Regular guests include Rob Skojanc owner and CEO of Comic Book University and myself as well as many Comic Book creators with teasers plugging the show gathered from many comic cons around the country.

Covering everything from Comic Books, to Movies, to Toys, to Really anything Nerdy; Nerd Management has logged 15 serial episodes with 5 Specials recorded for Events in the Nerd World. Listening to Nerd Management while working at your desk or driving to work in your car is a great way to spend your spare time if you are into the Nerd scene. Various opinions mixed with humor has made its way into your eardrums. They tend to say what you are thinking about the latest movies and comic books that come out. I highly recommend downloading their podcasts which are hosted by Fanboy Factor.

This week marks the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Nerd Management Podcast Crew will be taking a look at all things women in the Nerd genre. From Movies, to comics and Toys to Video Games anything with a uterus will be talked about and celebrated for everything that they add to the genre of Nerd.

Upcoming special guests for the Nerd Management Podcast will be Chase from Indy PopCon on November 14th talking about his convention and Pop Vinyls and hanging out with the crew. Billy Cooper will join on November 21st to talk about his convention on the west side of Indianapolis; the  Indiana Toy and Comic Expo. And finally a very special guest from Blizzard Entertainment Lloyd Moore on November 29 (Black Friday) to talk all things Nerd.

So check out the gang Warner, Alec, Chris, Tiffany, and Justin who dive deep into the depths of Nerdiness while keeping it classy? Well, a little bit at least. OH JAM!!!!

Sunday: A Look Ahead

Sunday: A Look Ahead

            Looking ahead at this week we have some good comics coming out including some Gems from DC Comics and as always great reads from Marvel Comics. With Halloween being this week many TV shows have gone on a one-week hiatus, including the new hit TV show Agent’s of SHIELD. But it is back the following week with what is sure to be a strong episode.

DC Comics has a couple of comics coming out this week that I think are going to be worth picking up. The 1st one is Swamp Thing: Annual written by Charles Soule. This is a direct tie in into the Seeder story arc that is currently going on in the Swamp Thing ongoing series also written by Soule. If you are a Swamp Thing aficionado or would like to read more about Swamp Thing check out WARNER SWOPES on twitter as he is the leading expert on all things Swamp Thing.

The next book from DC I think that will be a great pick up should be Nightwing: Annual with a story by Kyle Higgins. This looks like it will be a great read and will dive deep into the turmoil between Dick Grayson and Barbra Gordon and how they are coping with loss and change while trying to manage themselves.

Marvel has a great deal of books coming out this week that include Infinity Tie ins. Check out Infinity #5 by Hickman which is the start of War for Earth; Avengers v. Thanos. Also check out the great Bendis book Guardians of the Galaxy #8 with a cover by Francesco Francavilla. Guardians of the Galaxy has been a shining light in comics this year and it is a great read. I highly recommend adding this book to you pull list.

The trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier (CAWS) came out this past week and it shows so much badassery and ass kicking it is going to be up there with the best Marvel Movies ever just from what I have seen from the trailer. No Agents of SHIELD this week because of Halloween but they will be back the following Tuesday night. With Agents of SHIELD picking up steam and getting better every episode and with the direct tie ins from Iron Man 3 and CAWS the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full force and only getting stronger.

With Halloween falling on a Thorsday this week it gets me really excited for next Thorsday night and the premier of Thor: A Dark World. Elves be damned, midnight showing here I come.

Walmart Nerds: A Necessary Evil

Wal-Mart Nerds: A Necessary Evil

            Wal-Mart Nerds, a term coined on the podcast: Nerd Management to label someone who thinks that they are nerdy; but exhibits no or little knowledge of Nerd-Like genres such as: Comic Books, Video Games, Movies, Graphic Novels, Toys, and other similar Mediums.

Wal-Mart Nerds are people who perpetuate fads or Pop-Culture Hipsters. No one really knows why things that used to be nerdy like: Black Framed Glasses, comic books, video games, and toys have gone mainstream as of late. It could have something to do with the hit TV show on CBS The Big Bang Theory. It could be that in the past decade comic book themed movies have been hitting record numbers in the movie theaters. One thing is for certain without Wal-Mart nerds some of the things we hold so dear may not have actually happened.

Yes it is annoying when something that has been cult or not trendy all of a sudden explodes with popularity and you can convince people that you were a fan the whole time. For example Deadpool in Marvel comics exponentionally grew in popularity and being a diehard Deadpool fan from the days of New Mutants it was hard seeing his image diluted among the comic book world. However, it was nice seeing him everywhere and finally getting recognized for being a great character.

With that being said Wal-Mart Nerds are a double edged sword. They do both good and evil. Our comic book movies are coming out as heavy hitters every summer and it is due to the money that Wal-Mart Nerds are willing to spend as well as normal diehard Fan Boys. The industry tries to tread the line of pleasing both and sometimes they can do that very (The Avengers) well and sometimes they can’t please everyone (Marvel’s: Agents of SHIELD).

This is OK however, because the depth of this fad and the enormousness of the comic book movie universe both from Marvel and DC it doesn’t look like Wal-Mart Nerds are going anywhere. So yes we will have to put up with them wearing our style and yes we will have to put up with them cluttering our movie theaters not knowing really what they are watching. But remember this. We may not have a million choices of movies if it weren’t for them. We may not have as many different choices of Toy Lines if it weren’t for Wal-Mart Nerds grabbing extra ones off the shelf. Back issues of comics and graphic novels are no longer sitting stagnant in comic book stores around the country and the comic book vending industry continues to grow every year.

This helps us all out tremendously. Because even though we complain, they give us something to complain about by giving money to our favorite things and they are keeping our way of life (Nerd) around a little longer.

Wal-Mart Nerd (n.) – Someone who follows the current trend of being Nerdy, while exhibiting no known toy, comic book, or Nerd collection of any kind by buying their “Nerdy” clothes at such places as Wal-Mart because they saw someone “Nerdy” wearing it.