The Return of SNiH

So Nerdy it Hurts is making a comeback this year in 2019, with a revamped format and other features that will be revealed in the coming weeks. I really look forward to getting back into the swing of things.

The Assassination of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by the Coward Nickelodeon Studios



The anticipation was mounting for the arrival of the newest incarnation of the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ever since Nickelodeon announced the cancellation of the 2010 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, that IMO was the best version of the turtles there has been; there has been a question about how will the show be rebooted. Late in 2017 Nickelodeon announced the arrival of the newest show. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


At first only the cast was announced along with a few tidbits of information such as April will be on screen and voiced by an African American, Raph would now be the oldest and the leader, and that it would be a 2D cartoon similar to Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans cartoon. As the weeks went by there was no news at all about the new show, nothing. No leaks, no spoilers, it seemed as if maybe Nickelodeon had given up. But February 1st, 2018 the TMNT Fandom was hit with the images of the new show, and the fans were stunned.

Character bios showed up and gave us glimpses into our once proud and amazing characters. Raph no longer wields 2 Sai, Mikey no longer has a pair of famous nunchuks, and Raph switched places with Leo as the leader. A couple of positives are that all 4 are different species of turtles which is pretty awesome. We clearly don’t have any information on villains, lair, vehicles, Casey Jones, channel or timeslot. So we will have to wait to see how far this goes, but as of right now I am really on the fence. I will give the show the appropriate 3 episode minimum to hook me, or if the toyline is awesome. I guess we will wait and see.


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WWE Fantasy Booking SDLive Week 1

Smackdown Live! Week 1

Smackdown Live! from Cincinnati, OH

– Sami opens Smackdown Live! already in the ring and mic in hand ready to explain himself to the WWE Universe. Pacing back and forth nervously he asks the WWE Universe if they know why he attacked the ref in his last match? He said, “well I’ll tell ya!” I am sick and tired of being looked over. I have been here for years now and all I’ve won is the NXT Championship, but here on the main roster… nothing and I am sick of it. I thought this was the land of opportunities? Well I guess it was another lie by Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Just then DBry and Shane O Mac appear at the entry way to Bryan’s Music, the entire arena chanting, Yes! Yes! Yes! Daniel lectures him for a minute on being a true underdog and getting on the good side with he fans. He told Sami he was almost there, he could feel it. Shane explained to Sami that he never lied to him, he told him that he could come to Smackdown Live and earn everything, he just needed patience. Shane also told Sami, Yes Smackdown Live! may be the Land of Oportunites, but its also the Land of Accountabilty for Your Actions and you will be punished for what you did to that ref.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips discuss the ramifications that Shane may have in store for Sami Zayne.

Match 1: It’s A New Day, Yes it is!                                                   2 Stars

– New Day start cutting a promo on the way to the ring, all 3 dressed in cowboy outfits. As they get about half way down they are attacked by The Usos. In the mele it seems Big E is seriously injured and has to be carted to the back end of the show. Security and the wrestlers make their way to the ring to start the match. Originally it was to be Kofi and Big E but not Xavier will have to take his palce in the match. The match gets a few minutes in and the Tag Team Champions look bored, Xavier is whipped into the Usos corner and Jey Uso hits hit with a chair that he grabbed from the side of the ring. Ref rings the bell and delcares The New Day the winners, and Kofi attends to Woods the Usos swagger away.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips mention that Big E is seriously injured and that it was not a part of the show. He looked really bad.

What has he Done?

– We see DBry and Shane talking in the locker room as they pass Kevin Owens taping his wrists. Owens says something really snarky and DBry takes offense to it. Shane grabs Kevin’s arm as he starts to walk away and tells him to wipe the smile off his face because he has a match tonight against Sami Zayne. Kevin looks confused, and asks Shane, “Why would I do that? Why would I wrestle my Tag Team Partner?” Just then Sami come flying up and levels DBry and Owen’s takes out Shane.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips talk about how strong of a team Owens and Zayne will end up being in the WWE.

Match #2                                                                                         2 Stars

– Ascension v. Hype Bros. is a good match with some good wrestling, but nothing short of a filler match with no storyline.

They’re BACK!

– Harper and Rowan are seen on the Titantron cutting a promo announcing their return to the WWE Universe as the Tag Team Bludgeon Brothers. They announce that they will leave a path of destruction 10 times worse than before and no one is safe from them.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips really go out of their way to put Luke Harper over after the segment.

Smackdown Live! Women’s Title Match                                             1 Star

– Natty comes to the ring with her title, cuts a small promo about how its her time and she shouldn’t have to defend her title outside of a PPV. She says Charlotte shouldn’t have been given this opportunity because she didnt earn it. Charlotte makes her way down to the ring Wooing and showboating the whole time. Grabs the mic from Natty, kicks her and says bow to your Queen. The match gets started quickly, and Natty slaps the ref in the face forcing the DQ, and she high tails it out of there.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips remind everyone that Smackdown Live!’s PPV Main Event is this Sunday from Orlando, FL.

Match 4: Ellsworth Saga Cont.                                                         3 Stars

– Becky and Carmella have a very good match that was interupted shortly by James Ellsworth. Becky puts him in the Becksploder and launches him out of the ring and wins with the Disarmher against Carmella.

Good bye, Can’t See You Around

– John Cena announces to the WWE Universe that he is retiring 1 Championship shy of the record because it was never about the championships it was always about performing for the WWE Universe.


Greener Pastures

– Jason Jordan announces to his tag team partner Chad Gable that an opportunity has come up that he can’t pass up. He is going to RAW so that he can accomplish his goals. Chad Gable looks devistated but understands but the 2 hug it out in the locker room area.

United States Open Challenge

– AJ Styles is seen in the ring cutting a promo putting over John Cena and explaining why he is bringing back the US Open Challenge. He finishes by opening the ring to ANYONE in the locker room to chellenge. Just then the arena goes dark and violin’s hit. NAKAMURA is answering the open challenge. AJ looks excited to face his old friend again. Nakamura gets down to the ring and starts to enter just as Luke Harper hits him with a Sledge Hammer. Harper is completly destroying Nakamura with the sledge just as AJ comes the rescue, Rowan catches AJ mid air and choke slams him onto the stairs. AJ and Nakamura lie motionless on the outside of the ring, while Rowan and Harper are in the ring with Luke Harper holding the US title in the center.

Corey Graves and Tom Phillips are almost speachless as the logo appears.

WWE Logo appears, Fade to Black.

WWE 2K18 Fantasy Booking Week 1 RAW

WWE 2K18 Fantasy Booking


Raw Week 1                                                                     May 2017

Raw from Indianapolis, IN

– Alexa Bliss opens the show with a Promo about how she is the one true Goddess on RAW and she deserves the RAW Women’s Championship and not The Boss Sasha Banks. She feels disrespected by Sasha and she demands a title opportunity. The Boss’ music hits and Sasha appears at the entrance but before she can say anything she is blindsided by Nia Jax. Alexa laughs and makes jokes about how she doesn’t look like anyone’s Boss right now but looks like Nia’s “Something that starts with a B.”

Michael Cole and Corey Graves discuss what just happened as they go to commercial.

1st Match of the Night & Promo to Follow                                    1.5 Stars

– Roman’s Music hits and the rain of boos starts as he makes his way to the ring. Big Cass’ music hits and he comes out with Mic in hand. He cuts the music and cuts a promo as he heads down the ramp. He says he doesn’t need Enzo to be popular with the crowd, “Hell I’m a million times more popular than YOU are Roman!” The crowd goes nuts. As Big Cass is entering the ring the Ref sounds the Bell. Roman agitated hits a Superman Punch (Pre-cocked) to Big Cass and he falls out of the Ring. Roman wins, once the ref hits the 10 count on Big Cass. Roman is getting booed pretty heavily as he exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp. The Boos stop however as Dean and Seth appear behind him. Crowd chanting Shield, as the 3 say nothing but put their hands together at the top of the ramp, the crowd ignites into a frenzy.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves express their shock at the events that just unfolded! A Shield Reunion right before their eyes.

Promo of the Supernatural

– Bray Wyatt comes out and says that no one in the WWE Universe can stand toe to toe with him. Sister Abigail has given him powers that no MAN can handle. He calls on the roster for someone to challenge him because he is getting bored with everyone. Just then the Arena goes dark and BALOR CLUB flies across the Board. Finn Balor’s music hits and the crowd goes absolutely insane. Finn comes out and starts his promo about how he may be a man, but a man that knows where to find a demon. Bray laughs and the screen flashes Bray’s cut scene. Screen comes back and Finn is all alone in the ring and Wyatt is on the screen now. Bray says he does not fear Demon’s since he knows that Demon’s fear Sister Abigail. Cut Scene happens again and when we are shown the ring again Finn is laid out and covered in Blood.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves cannot believe their eyes and remind people that there is only 3 weeks left in RAW’s next PPV WWE Payback.

Miz TV & Match #2                                                                            1 Star

– The Miz is in the ring with his Miztourage and Maryse explaining how he has no guest this week, because no one wanted to come on his show. After the crowd was done laughing he explain its because everyone that comes on gets embarrassed and beaten up. At this moment Curt Hawkins music hits and Miz and his Crew start laughing hysterically. As Hawkins comes down the ramp explaining why he is going to take the belt off of The Miz at WWE Payback, The Miz quips back and says “Who the Hell gave you a shot at this prestigious Title?” At that moment Kurt Angle’s music hits and he appears to an encore of “You Sucks” from the crowd. Angle tells Miz, he’s the HELL who approved the match for WWE Payback. Hawkins makes his way to the ring because Angle also cancelled Miz TV and made a match. The Miz furious, attacks Hawkins as he gets in the ring and hits the Skull Crushing Finale, makes the ref ring the bell, pins Hawkins, and leaves in a fit of rage.

Heyman Hustled

– Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar make their way to the ring with Paul Heyman talking the entire time. He’s got his catch phrase and panders the crowd even more. Heyman goes on to say that there is no current #1 contender for the WWE Universal Title so why does his client even need to be around for a while. He announces that his client will not appear on WWE TV until he is needed. RAW GM Kurt Angle’s music hits again and he comes out, makes a quick joke about how this is the most he’s worked in a year. Says to Brock, I’ll miss ya ole buddy, if I didn’t already have a plan in place. Heyman interrupted Kurt with a couple of one liners, and Kurt interrupted right back. Let me cut you off there, Dangerously, both lock eyes with each other. The smarky Indianapolis crowd goes nuts, I said I have a plan. Next week on RAW, there will be an 8 Man Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Universal Title, and finishes off with Oh its True, it’s DAMN TRUE.

Michael Cole emphatically reannounces the Battle Royal next week, made by GM Kurt Angle for the #1 Contender slot for Brock Lesnars WWE Universal Championship.

Match #3                                                                                        .5 Stars

– Darren Young is already in the ring is waiting for his opponent when a giant growl comes across the arena. Braun Strowman appears and looks pissed. He makes it about 1/2 way down the ramp when he is blindsided by Samoa Joe. Joe lays Braun out and he rolls down the ramp to the ring. Joes disappears into the crowd as Braun lay there, Darren Young gets out of the ring and tried to pick the Monster up to get him into the ring. Braun reverses it and slams Darren Young down there on the mat. Braun gets up and pursues Joe through the crowd. The match is awarded to Darren Young via forfeit.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves discuss how menacing Braun is and how stupid that probably was by Samoa Joe to do.

Bayley v. Bliss                                                                              2.5 Stars

– Alexa Bliss comes out for her match against The Boss Sasha Banks, she is followed by Nia Jax. She gets to the ring and waits. Sasha is a no show, Bliss grabs a mic. “Well it looks like Sasha isn’t coming, I hope nothing happened to her.” Screen shows what happened earlier in the night. Alexa and Nia are laughing, I guess I don’t have anyone to fight, just then Bayley’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy. Alexa looks mad, and throws a little fit. Bayley gets to the ring, the bell rings and the match starts. Bayley has things wrapped up, but Bliss tosses her outside the rings and distracts the ref. Nia destroys Bayley and throws her back in, where Bliss lays on top for the win.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves talk about how despicable that was by Bliss.

Finn and the Impromptu Match                                                       3 Stars

– Finn Balor is seen in the ring cutting a promo about being blindsided by a madman, covering him in fake blood just to make him seem supernatural. Finn tells Bray, I will show you what real demon’s are capable of if you can come out here and face me man to man. Bray appears at the top of the ramp and tells Finn he is the stuff that fuels nightmare’s. He tells him he is brave for wanting more tonight, and tells him that he will get what’s coming to him when the time is right. He tells everyone that he has scared Kurt Angle to his core, and he asked him for a match with Finn tonight, and Kurt said yes. So here comes the last match of your career Finn, If I were you I would RUN! Bray attacks Finn in the ring. The 2 fight each other fiercely until Finn Gets the upper hand and hits the Coup de Grace off the top rope to win the match.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves no sell anything that just happen and remind people once again there is 3 Weeks until the WWE Payback PPV.

New Guy destroys the Man with a Family                                       .5 Stars

– New signee Pete Dunn squashes Heath Slater doesn’t say anything just stands over Slater with the UK Title in his mouth.

Main Event                                                                                   3.5 Stars

– Dean Ambrose accompanied by Seth Rollins make their way down to the ring. They are both wearing the RAW Tag Team Titles around their waists. They get to the ring and The Bar appear at the top of the ramp, Dean v. Cesaro is about to begin. Sheamus escorts Cesaro to the ring, both of them really cocky about this match. Cesaro grabs the upper hand early but Dean rebounds. Sheamus, sneaks up to Seth and knocks him out with a chair to the back. Dean is helpless and gets put in Cesaro’s spin move. Cesaro accidentally launches Dean into Sheamus who had his back turned next to the apron. Dean is able to recover and hit some signature moves. Dean hits Cesaro with the Dirty Deeds and pins him for the win. Shemus attacks Dean immediately after the pin and double team him with Cesaro. Seth recovers and saves Dean by hitting Shemus with his Knee Strike. All of a sudden Roman’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Sheamus and Cesaro are both down, the trio pick Cesaro up and triple power bomb him on top of Sheamus. The crowd is completely crazy at this point and the show ends with the 3 reformed Shield members standing over The Bar with their fists together.

WWE Logo appears, Fade to Black.

Pokemon GO & Connect with Your Kids

July 6, 2016 the Day the 1990’s got into a Tardis and stepped foot 20 years into the future. Niantic Labs (Ingress) a small App based gaming company aquired the rights to make an App game version of the hugely successful and popular Nintendo franchise Pokemon. The game as we all know is Pokemon Go.

The game features a GPS based navigation system, which mean you have to “Go” and leave your home to play. In fact you have to make your way to different areas to catch different Pokemon. This game is based on Generation 1 Pokemon which was introduced in America in the late 1990’s.

This game also introduced another opportunity beyond catching all 151 original Pokemon, it gives even the most closed off individuals a chance to get out and meet new people. Let’s face it, when we were kids Pokemon was huge, and its back. Parents who loved Pokemon in the 90’s and even through today on the Nintendo DS games as well as the popular card game; can share their enjoyment with their children. The gamer base on this ranges from 6-60 from a straw poll on Reddit’s R/PokemonGo page.

I have taken this opportunity to share a common interest with my 6 year old son who had never heard of Pokemon before I started playing this game, but now loves them so much that he even is building his own out of Legos and naming them. He has some old Pokemon trading cards from the 90’s as well. He even watches the Original Indigo Leagues on Netflix. Needless to say that he is so happy right now with this new little world of Pokemon that this game has done more than it probably set out to do and I am very thankful for it.


Psychic Hotline: Ulysses

From Nine to Five: Super Powers, Normal Jobs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have super powers? Yep me too, but what would it be like if the people in our every day lives had super powers too? What if it were so mundane and ordinary that everyone on Earth had a power and they had to go on living their everyday lives like it were no big deal? What current comic book superheroes would be best suited for normal blue collar jobs? That is the question at hand and each Monday I will bring you a different job that people hold everyday and I will suggest a few different Superheroes and/ or Villains that would be best suited for those jobs. I hope you enjoy, because this weeks job is:

Psychic Hotline: Ulysses

What a way to use his Inhuman powers! All he has to do is pick up the phone and charge you 19.99$ per minute and he is printing money. With powers like these his phone will be ringing off of the hook. That is if the gov’t will let him walk away from his current job of preventing crimes before they happen Minority Report Style in the pages of the Marvel Summer Event Civil War 2.


Most of the times the psychics are full of crap, except for Miss Cleo obs, but Ulysses is the real deal. Just ask She Hulk and War Machine… oh wait you can’t. Yikes! Better late than never I guess. Well if he can bust away from his current job he would make a killing working the hotlines just call 1-877-Wut-Cud-B.

Babies, Life, and Being a Nerd

Trying to balance an online presence while being a father and a friend isn’t always easy. Finding a balance between being a good husband, father, friend, and blogger is a difficult balance to maintain. Most of the time my online identity is what falls behind but that is ok, because that is the priority I have set in life. My family comes first and with my newborn baby girl, I have not been able to do much lately, and my friends come second but I am sure they feel that is a distant second. I try to do as much as I can with my Nerd Management brothers but alas I fall behind. Luckily they understand as well.

The good thing about an online blog is that it will always be there no matter how many times you quit and then go back. It always waits for you just sitting there waiting for you to tell it what you want to say. Some people have a lot to say and some people have a little. Some people have followers that care and some people just put words into the vastness of space. Either way, its there waiting for you.

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged and we will see what I have to say and how much I will be able to say it in the coming time. Just a reminder for those who remember, is no longer around but we can be found on soundcloud with season 7 coming up and on facebook as Nerd Management.

Deadpool Movie Review

For a movie that was made for fans this movie stands up on its own two feet. This movie has teeth and uses them to bite its way into your hearts. Normally a movie made solely for fan service you would not expect such a high caliber movie, but Deadpool hits on all cylinders and gives you all out extreme violence, vulgarity, nudity, bloodshed, humor and everything else we all wanted from this movie. Ask and ye shall receive.

The test footage we all saw 2 and a half years ago, starts out the film with some additions that make it even more fantastic. The slow motion action scenes really drive home the feeling of a panel by panel sequence from the comic books.  The constant 4th Wall breaking, really brings Deadpool to life. There are a few points in the movie where you would think that it might get a little repetitive but it bails itself out with a hilarious joke or gratuitous violence and you forget Wade has been talking just to you for a few moments.

The amount of Easter Eggs and references to other Marvel and Fox properties is enormous and not at all overwhelming. They are all well placed and well written. There are aspects of Deadpool and the people he surrounds himself with from every era of Deadpool from the Comics. There are strong ties to Fabian Nicieza with Ajax being the main villain, Joe Kelly with Weasel and Blind Al, Gail Simone with the overarching love story, Victor Gischler with the vulgarity and the Team Up aspect with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus, Jason Aaron with the nudity and violence, and Daniel Way’s way of making Deadpool seem insane but his plans always work out in the end. If anything this movie was a great homage to all of the people who have defined Deadpool.

This movie is as much Ryan Reynolds as it is Rob Liefield and it is a true tribute to the fans because it has everything you could have asked for. The origin in this movie is pretty close to the Minus One, One Shot that came out about 12 years ago but we are missing some important players such as Dr. Killebrew but easily substituted for him was Ajax as the mastermind. Having the X-Men in this movie was amazing, but then to find out it is only Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead at first was a bummer until it wasn’t. By far NTW stole the show with those 2 and Colossus really held his own as a leader.

Deadpool went from this 1 shot villain in the pages of a dying franchise of New Mutants to a headlining name in the Marvel Comics roster. Showing up on the second issue of the Newly launched X-Force facing off against Weapon X Garrison Kane, and making a huge name for himself Deadpool was a hit. Little by little, year by year he got more appearances and more books. He has grown as a character exponentially until he is the pure gold minting character that drives people to cosplay by the thousands every year at conventions around the world. Deadpool is a phenomenon and this movie is an homage to his fans, Every. Last. One.

As a true fan, from the beginning. As a 1st grader who picked up New Mutants 98 off of a turnstile at an IGA in Jamestown, IN. I whole-heartedly give Deadpool a 10/10 and recommend all of you to go see it as well.


Nerd MGMT Top 5: Favorite Music Albums of All Time

Ok here it is this weekend’s Nerd MGMT Top 5 List. Tell us your All Time Top 5 Favorite Music Albums






Legends of Tomorrow: Underwhelmingly Excellent

Part 1 of the Pilot episode of the DC Comics TV Show Legends of Tomorrow was Excellent. It was nothing less than exactly what needed to happen. The hype and the build up for this show was immeasurable. People have been talking about this for over a year as new details emerged and cast announced, we waited with baited breath.

Well, here it was. It finally came, the premiere. I was not able to watch it live, but the first chance I got once my wife fell asleep on the couch was to grab a drink and turn on this new show. I sat there and watched, everything I could think of unfold, with cameos and jokes; and action, and British accents. The first 10 minutes alone were better than Arrow had been the last season and a half. But I sat there and thought, is this it? Just excellent? Thats all?

About half way through act 2, I am thinking we could get a huge surprise, I think that we are going to see something Extraordinary. But the only thing we got was plain, amazing. I tried to convince myself, something was building. So as the episode almost finished, and we have already gotten our Action, drama, comedy, great acting, camaraderie building, dance montage, and TIME TRAVEL!!!! I realized there was no hidden surprise, no catch, no hook. DC and the CW had built an amazing show that didn’t need a gimmick. It took the trash, the refuse from The Flash and Arrow and built a concrete and amazing show. It took characters that no one should care about really, and added a time traveling Rip Hunter from the future and turned this show into the No 2 show on the CW behind The Flash.

A truly amazing feat from the mind of Greg Berlanti and the CW/DC Comics crew. This show gives you nothing more than exactly what you ask for.